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ToA Akkha Butterfly Method OSRS Guide

Written by FortWorth on . Posted in ToA Guides

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This is a quick guide on how to use the Butterfly Method-- a strategy which allows you to take 0 damage from Akkha's melee phase while doing continuous magic damage to both Akkha and his shadows. If you have Tumeken's Shadow, or a high magic level and great gear, this is the most effective way to damage Akkha. If you don't have either, it's still a very helpful method to learn because it will significantly reduce the damage taken during the fight. I highly recommend every ToA raider learn this ASAP.



To do this method you will need a few things:

  1. A magic weapon. This is easiest with Tumeken’s shadow, but any staff will work. Note that if you use a Sang staff or a trident, the casting animation will interrupt the running animation. Everything will still work, but your character will stall out while running along the path. Don’t be alarmed, just keep clicking along the pattern and you will begin to do damage while taking none.
  1. Plugins: Copy all of the settings I have highlighted in red
    Ground Markers



Menu Entry Swapper


Tile Indicators


NPC Indicators



Here are the tile markers you will need:




The Method:

The butterfly can be run either clockwise or counter-clockwise in any of the 4 quadrants of the arena. Here is a diagram of the path you would run for both directions. Red dots indicate the tiles you should attack on, and blue dots indicate a movement only tile.



To start butterflying, go to either an “attack” tile or a “movement” tile so that Akkha approaches you at an angle. When Akkha’s TRUE TILE is one tile away from you, click to move to the next tile in the sequence. You will attack Akkha when you see your TRUE TILE reach your destination, and then immediately click to move on to the next tile. You have to be fairly quick at this, but with a few minutes of practice, you’ll have it down. It is also important to move to exactly the tiles that I have indicated, or your character will run a weird route and Akkha will get a free hit on you.

When Akkha sends out a shadow at 80%, 60%, 40%, or 20% health, you might find it difficult to attack the shadow and move to the tile it is standing on top of. This is where Menu Entry Swapper comes into play. If you hold Shift and left click, you will move to the clicked tile, instead of attacking. This takes some getting used to but it will allow you to seamlessly butterfly large portions of the fight.




I don’t look at anything else besides true tiles while doing this method Your character is not an accurate representation of where you actually are, so it’s important to keep your eyes on both your and Akkha’s true tiles.

If you have sound on, Akkha’s footsteps are a great way to get yourself in the rhythm of clicking to move, attack, move, attack.
You can resume this method anytime Akkha is focused on you during a melee phase.
If raiding with teammates, have the non-butterflyers stand at one of the points of the “compass” the arena is divided into, or have them stand in the middle. This ensures they will not be hit by a stray Akkha attack.

If feeling special is enabled and Akkha uses the orb special attack, stop running the pattern and fight Akkha as normal. If feeling special is NOT enabled, you can run this pattern without hitting any orbs, but you have to be tick-perfect to avoid them. I do not recommend doing this until you become more comfortable with the method.

I learned all of this from molgoatkirby on youtube, but I felt there were a few things he neglected to explain, so I hope that this guide will help to fill in the cracks. Here is the link to the video for reference: