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Gear Guide for Phosani Nightmare OSRS

Written by Yordan on . Posted in OSRS PvM

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This is for a long 4-5 kill run if im going for it. if you're going for first kill, 2 prayer potions should be adequate. i take sanfew just-in-case im close to the 5 kill and dont feel like banking. use relicym's balms for parasite to save money.

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  • sgs spec husks, first sleepwalker on first phase, or parasite for max hit heal, d claws open attack at start and I can usually use 1-2 specs in between the beginning and end of fight and still have 100% back for double d claw at the end (phase 5).
  • if you don't have inquisitor's mace or armor the bludgeon and bandos gear work well too. or any strength gear. I like using sang for chance to heal on totems, even over tumeken shadow, just because i don't like to use blood fury charges on this long grind and i am at a point where i don't need much heals if any for the fights. but blood fury might be a way to help learn, like it did for me, until you get it down. you could use lightbearer instead of berserker's ring to not have to wait so long for specs, and have more heals from SGS.

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