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ToA Mid Tier Setup OSRS

Written by RN on . Posted in OSRS PvM

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This setup is similar to the core, but with the melee style upgrade with osmumten's Fang (BIS Melee weapon for ToA), To upgrade this from Mid to High Tier you will need to upgrade the range/mage styles aswell.


Melee Upgrades
Neitznot Faceguard / Primordial Boots / Bandos Chestplate / Ferocious Gloves / Blood Fury

Range Upgrades
Bowfa /Armadyl C'bow / Zaryte C'bow / Anguish / Zaryte Vambs / Masori

Mage Upgrades
Sanguinesti Staff / Ancestral / Tormented / Elidnis Ward (f)

Cost Estimate: 100m (as at March 2023).