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AFK Nightmare Zone for starters (melee/ranged)

Written by Daan C on . Posted in OSRS PvM

This guide is meant for people who were just like me, never sure how to start up on Nightmare zone,not knowing the good bosses, modes, inventories etc.

Guthan's will not be considered in this guide. It's even more AFK, but experience rates suffer greatly from using it.

First time

  • Same as below (so read that first), but wear prayer armour, like proselyte, instead of using absorptions, as you don't have them yet.
  • Use Protect from melee.
  • Do this until you have 120,000 points, so you can buy 84 doses of absorption and 24 doses of overload and start for real! Getting 120,000 points will take a little over an hour with 75 strength and attack.

What to choose?


Hard customizable rumble

Selected bosses (pick 5)

These are picked because of their low defensive stats.

  • Me Lunar Diplomacy
  • King Roald What Lies Below
  • Khazard Warlord Tree Gnome Village
  • Skeletal Hellhound In Search of the Myreque
  • Count Draynor Vampire Slayer
  • Tree Spirit Lost City


Highest dps (melee/ranged)

  •  For melee dharok's is best at higher levels, and otherwise just use high strength gear with a high dps weapon.
  • For ranged I'd recommend using blessed dhide (don't forget the blessed coif and boots) until you get to around 75-80, where void ranged gear gives you better xp rates. The cheap option is magic shortbow+rune arrows, the sort of expensive but way faster method is blowpipe+mithril darts.



  • Dwarven rock cake
  • 6 overloads
  • 21 absorptions


  • Dwarven Rock Cake
  • 4 super ranging
  • 24 absorptions

General instructions

  • Don't stand exactly in the middle of the arena, but rather a few tiles to the bottom right, in order to receive less hits.
  • You can buy absorptions, overloads and super ranging in the chest outside, and receive them from the barrels.
  • Keep your hp at 1 using a rapid heal pray flick (resetting passive healing) or guzzling your rock cake.
  • Keeping your HP at 1 is recommended because then only 1 absorption point will be drained.