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Barrows Mid level guide

Written by Gen Lee II on . Posted in OSRS PvM

Meet the Author:  osrsdiscordlogin



An interesting mini game released in 2005 in old school Runescape.The overall objective of this mini game is to defeat all six bothers and reach the maximum loot at 100 percent for all loot table or least 80 percent for the drops of items of the barrows brother. The extra loot include dragon med helm, clues, and other misc. This is my guide to mid level barrows routine.


The items To wear for mid level


Helm: Black mystic/Seers fremnik helm

Neck: Fury/glory/power

Back: Mage cape/fire cape/obsidian cape

Body: Black Mystic/Xeric body

Legs: Black Mystic/Xeric Legs

Weapon: Trident of the sea's

Offhand: Book of darkness/Granite Shield

Hands: Barrows/Mystic

Boots: Black Mystic/Rock Climbing

Ring: Seers/Beserker/Warrior

Ammo: Broad/Addy Bolts




x1 Ava's

x1 Rune C'bow

X1 Black/Red Chaps

x1 Black/Red Body

x1 Dragon Scimitar

x1 Dragon Dagger

x6 Prayer pots

X1 or more Home teleport

x1 Spade

Rest Monkfish


Require Main Quests:

In Aid of the Myreque

Horror From the Deep

Desert Treasure


Required Stats:

66 Mage: Kharyll Teleport in House



50 Construction: Portal Chamber



Recommended Stats:

70+ Mage

60+ Range

60+ Base

50+ Construction

43+ Prayer



This image provides the maze map which can be difficult at first but you will get use to finding the opening door to the maze to get to the chest!



When you reach the maze doors you get 4 questions you will have to answer quickly here they are below:



I always do the route in this order Dhorak/Ahrim/Karil/Guthan/Torag/Verac.

This in my terms use the most and safest way of your prayers always safe a potion of prayer for Dharok most Dangerous hence why I do him first!


Statistics according to wiki:


This video (No-Audio) will be a single run of ten minutes me showing you how to do everything just follow my Pathing/prayer accordingly to each brother/how I reach 100 percent Loot possibility which is pretty simple! Basically if low anything after the run just restock. Hope you guys enjoyed my guide and see you out there!

P.S.- Verrac's can hit through prayer but with a reduction hence the food

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