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Raids Chambers of Xeric Olm Attack Guide

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS PvM

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Where to stand

  • Mage Hand is on the left side of the image.
  • Melee Hand is on the right side of the image.
  • Middle (Olm's Head) is where people running the head stand.
  • The black square is where people stand for the teleport pairing attack.
  • The dark blue strip is where you stand for doing long-range Mage attacks.





Regular Attacks

Olm will use a magic or ranged attack which can be identified below. You will need to protect from magic or ranged accordingly using your Prayer.

olm attacks



Prayer Orbs

Players will be attacked randomly by a green, purple or orange orb which each disable a different protection prayer (see below). You will need to re-enable your protection prayer accordingly.

prayer orbs 



Special Attacks

Olm will use a series of special attacks against you in the same order; crystals, lightning, teleport which is then repeated.

  • Crystals - If you see a blue colouration followed by green floor spikes, run away to avoid damage.

dodging spikes raids

  • Lightning - If you see a lightning move away from the row of squares that it is heading down.

 dodging lightning raids olm

  • Teleporting - If you see a series of yellow circles move to the same tile as your team mate to avoid damage.

teleporting raids osrs olm




  • Flame - You will be dealt 6 lots of 5 damage. Stand away from team mates while in this phase.



  • Falling Crystals  - Turn run on and avoid the falling crystals.

Falling crystals raids olm


  • Firewall - A fireball is spat out by the Olm which lays a firewall. If you have a water spell you can douse a section of the firewall.

firewall phase osrs raids


  • Crystal bombs - these will be thrown horizontally and will explode. Move away from them before they explode.

ezgif 4 4888ae4fd


  • Acid path - walk in a line until it disappears.

Acid phase osrs raids


  • Last hand (Infinity Hand) will have a spinning infinity emblem. When this appears do not attack it as any damage dealt will heal the head.

infinityhand osrs raids


  • Healing pools - When these appear stand on them to avoid taking damage from special attacks. If you take any damage, Olm will be healed by 5x the damage he dealt to you.

Healing pools osrs raids