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Brutal Blacks ranged.

Written by TazyBoy on . Posted in OSRS PvM

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Brutal Black dragons in my opinion, and many others', are the new Skeletal Wyverns. With very profitable drops and almost no effort to kill them, they are among the best methods for making money today. At 99 range, I expect 500-800k/hr profit ranging. Big ticket items such as dragon platelegs, plateskirt, dart tips, visages, and dragon full helms will obviously increase your profit, but 500-800k/hr is my average over many hours with few of these drops.


Monster Profile:

Combat level: 318     Defence: 258     Ranged defence: +50     Max hit: 29     Attack Style: Melee, Magic, Dragonfire
Aggressive: Yes (temporary)        Immune to poison/venom: Yes    does not come closer to you after combat is initiated, safespot without obstacles.





  • 37 Prayer (Protect from Magic), High range level 70+ (85+ recommended)
  • ANTIFIRES REQUIRED so IRONMEN 69 Herblore required. (boosts work)
  • Antidragon shield NOT required, antifire and protect from magic block all damage (besides melee)
  • You must enter and navigate the Catacombs of Kourend first to unlock the shortcut routes. Explained later.



Iventory  (for perfect trips):

    Blowpipe may be used, but cuts roughly 1/3 profit. 6-7m profit using blowpipe vs 10m profit using crossbow method, in the same amount of time spent.
  • 2 Super Restore/Prayer potions  - 1 Ranging potion  - Extended antifire (2)/Antifire (4)
  • Add 1 potion each to setup at lower range levels to test your needs. (3/2/2 potions)   - High Alch runes. Rune Pouch is recommended to save space, and +1slot for a Runes drop per trip.
  • 2 pieces of emergency food
  • Ruby Bolts (e) highly recommended if using crossbow (broads/diamond(e) equipped)
  • No bolts switch if using Blowpipe
  • If using Blowpipe, Adamant darts are recommended. Mithril will suffice but with slower kills.


High Cost Setups

Void Setups

Dragonhide Setups (included On-Task slayer helmet)


brutal blacks drops

How To Get There!
   - It is recommended to have a Xeric's Amulet (obtained through Shayzien House) to teleport directly to the location.
   - Level 25 construction allows you to redirect a House Tablet to Kourend with a Scroll of Redirection from NMZ.

Xeric's Amulet to Xeric's Inferno

House Tablet to Kourend

   In the previous picture, the house teleport to Kourend, there is a statue in the center of Kourend. You must Investigate this statue to enter the Catacombs. To reach the Brutal Black dragons you will, after entering, head West, North, and West again. An Antifire potion and protect from magic are required to avoid dying to the dragons. USE THE ROPE EXIT behind the Brutal Black Dragons to unlock the shortcut route, and you can now use the previous route seen two pictures above that includes an altar and bank.

Tips for Fighting:
   Stand back from the dragons. Always have Protect from Magic active, and always have an Antifire active. A dragon will be aggressive on spawn and fireblast you for a lot of damage, which is why you brought emergency food.

This should help introduce you to killing Brutal Black Dragons, and do it efficiently. GO MAKE SOME BANK!