ToA Zebak Guide OSRS

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Zebak is a stationary boss that will use all three combat styles, but you can avoid his melee attacks by staying away from him. His ranged attack looks like a big rock that will split after a few ticks and fly towards each player in the arena. His magic attack looks like a clay pot that will follow the same behavior. It's worth noting that the damage for each attack is not calculated until the individual projectiles actually hit your character. This means you have a good amount of time to change your prayers to the correct style. Zebak will only use his very powerful melee attack if you are standing on the row highlighted in this picture:



Zebak has 4 special attacks that he can use throughout the fight.

First, he can scatter acid pools and water pots across the arena. A series of tidal waves will then wash across the arena and there will be a gap in each wave that you must move to to avoid damage. If you need space to get around there are a couple tricks you can use to avoid damage. One, you can run across one tile of acid without taking damage if you stand still next to the acid and then click to run across to the clear tile on the other side of the acid. You can use this mechanic in a few other areas of the raid. See the image below for an example:


The second thing you can do to make things easier is break the water pots on the arena to clear a 5x5 area around them. You can also push and pull the pots to roll them where you need them. Just click on the pot after it moves to quickly shoot it with your ranged weapon to break it.
I find it easier to push rather than pull on this phase or just simply break the pots where they lie.


Zebak's second special attack is his Scream. He will do an animation and scatter acid pools, pots, and rocks around the arena. The objective here is to break a water pot like before to clear an area around a rock to take cover behind when Zebak does his scream. You have less than 10 seconds to get behind cover after this attack starts.

Fortunately, there is almost always a pot that will spawn very close to a rock, just take a second to glance around the room to find this when the special attack begins. You can stand on the 3 tiles behind each rock to avoid damage from the scream, you don't have to sit right behind them. If all else fails and you can't get a spot to stand, run as far away from Zebak as you can, to the back of the arena. You will get hit by slightly less damage, but if you make sure you're healed up, you can survive.


Lastly, Zebak will do an animation that looks similar to the blood barrage spell, accompanied by a sound of liquid gushing. When this happens Zebak will do one of two things:

  • He can either simply cast blood barrage on you or summon blood balls that follow you around the arena and sap your health. The blood barrage attack can be negated by flicking protect from magic after you see the animation around his claws. You can use the mechanic I spoke about earlier to make sure you're still protected from the ranged or magic attack (the damage for each attack is not calculated until the individual projectiles actually hit your character.) 
  • If Zebak sends out the blood balls, simply run around the arena to avoid them. I recommend not trying to attack, flick prayers, and run all at once while learning this. Just run a good distance away, make sure your prayers are correct, let the blood balls catch up a little, then repeat. They will die after a few seconds




  • When you get comfortable with zebak's attacks, it is helpful to open the fight with a BGS/DWH spec (or two) to lower his defence. Doing around 30 damage is enough.
    I open the fight with my melee gear and BGS equipped, pray melee, run in and hit zebak with a spec. I can usually get to him before his first attack hits me, so I have plenty of time to get some distance and change back to ranged gear and pray correctly. You can avoid praying melee at all if you attack zebak as he uses his standard range or magic attacks.
    He can't use 2 attacks at the same time!
  • Generally, you'll want to fight Zebak first or second, so pre-potting a ranging potion before you enter the raid is beneficial.
  • Zebak will only use 2 scream special attacks and 2 tidal wave attacks, and they will always alternate. Use this to your advantage to get a head start when he begins a special attack animation.
  • A level 3+ Zebak in the final "enrage" phase can attack so quickly that there will be 2 attacks in the air at the same time. To avoid taking damage, don't change your prayer to the next style until you see the damage number appear on top of your character. If you do this correctly, it will always be a zero!