ToA Minimum Stat Requirements

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  • Discord VC (to listen to mentor explaining mechanics, you don't have to talk but its a lot easier to teach if you can hear us!)
  • Base 80 combat stats (Attack/Strength/Defence/Magic/Range), base 90s is ideal but not necessary but raid times will be slower.
  • 70 prayer for Piety (74 is ideal for the Rigour Prayer)
  • Thralls OR Blood/Ice Burst (Barrage is ideal)

The following Skills/Plugins are not necessary but offer a more efficient way to completing ToA:

  • 85 Mining (Can be boosted from 82 with Dragon pickaxe Spec, boost from 83 recommended)
  • Blood/Ice Barrage (The Burst variant is completely fine also but the extra dps from Barrage is very strong) Mainly used in the Ba-Ba puzzle room.
  • "Tombs of Amascut" Plugin from the Plugin Hub offers the puzzle rooms solves (Mainly used for the kephri puzzle room)

 Minimum Gear Requirements: