ToB Minimum Gear Reqs

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  • Discord VC (to listen to mentor explaining mechanics, you don't have to talk but its a lot easier to teach if you can hear us!)
  • 85+ combat stats (Attack/Strength/Defence/Magic/Range), base 90s is ideal.
  • Defence lowering Weapon (i.e BGS / DWH / Bone Dagger)
  • Decent Slash weapon (i.e Dragon Scimitar, Tentacle Whip, scythe is BIS)
  • Elite Void (all styles)
  • Ibans Blast / Trident of the seas/Swamp
  • Rune Crossbow / Blowpipe
  • Dragon/Crystal Halberd
  • 70 prayer for Piety (74 is ideal for the Rigour Prayer)

ToB is raid where Mechanics/Team is key as ToB is the very punishing to mistakes you and your team make, and learning the mechanics will help you stop making said mistakes.
After learning the basics of ToB focus on getting the required Skills then Gear to boost dps for faster times.

The following Skills/Plugins are not necessary but offer a more efficient way

  • 94 Magic (For Ice/Blood Barrage in the Maiden and Nylo Rooms, essential if you are the Freezer/Mage Role)
  • "Hub Party Panel" Plugin (This will track the amount of specs/see who is venged and you can see other inventories/prayer/equipment and levels)


ToB Gear Progression