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Training Slayer on the Cheap: Beginner

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Training Slayer Efficiently: Beginner

The cheapest way to begin training Slayer is to acquire a Proselyte Armour Set (Proselyte harness m) from Sir Tiffy Cashian, Falador Park after you have completed The Slug Menace Quest. Wielding this armour as a set provides a +16 Prayer Bonus, making it an effective armour to wear when needing to use protect from magic, melee or ranged for long periods of time as it lessens the rate of Prayer drain. As such, a player can rely on protection prayers more so than expensive food to preserve HP.

It is recommended to substitute the Proeslyte sallet for Black Mask as the latter provides a 16.67% Attack and Strength boost against a Slayer monster assigned to you.

The Proselyte Armour set consists of:

  • Proselyte sallet (full helm)
  • Proselyte hauberk (platebody)
  • Proselyte cuisse (platelegs)
  • Proselyte tasset (plateskirt)
Members Yes
Effective against
  • Bloodveld
  • Black demon
  • Hellhound
  • Fire giants
  • Other Slayer monsters requiring protection prayers
Quest The Slug Meance
Obtained from Sir Tiffy Cashian, Falador Park
Guide Contributors Markskoi, Love Japan
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