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Prayer Training and Bonecrusher Charging Made Easy

Written by Harry Holes on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Meet the Author:  osrsdiscordlogin


  • Completion of Morytania Elite Diary (Hard Diary only grants 5 daily slime pit teleports)
  • Completion of Kandarin Hard Diary to toggle Camelot Teleport to Seer's Village Bank -OR- Crafting Cape
  • option for players without Mory Elite Diary at bottom of guide- see addendum.
Items Equipped:
  • Ghostspeak Amulet
Items Inventory:
  • Ectophial
  • Morytania Legs 4
  • 1 empty space to hold Ectotokens
  • Camelot Teletab stack -OR- Crafting Cape
  • 8 Buckets
  • 8 Pots
  • 8 bones of your choice (Ectofuntus grants 400% prayer xp of bone type used but ONLY 5 tokens no matter what bone type)


The Process:

Set up your inventory and use the Menu Entry swapper to set the left-click use of bones to "USE" and set Morytania Legs 4 to "Ecto Teleport". Having them equipped will function as a Ghostspeak Amulet, but will over-complicate the process by having to switch to the equipped items tab in order to use the teleport, so it is better for this process to have a Ghostspeak Amulet equipped and keep the Morytania Legs 4 in inventory so you never have to change off of your inventory tab.




Once you set up your inventory, exit the bank screen and click the Morytania Legs 4 to teleport to the slime pit beneath the Ectofuntus. Click an empty Bucket and use on the slime pool. The buckets will fill one by one automatically. Once your 8 buckets are filled, click on the Ectophial in your inventory to teleport to the ground floor. After clicking the Ectophial to teleport, try to position your cursor approx. 2 tiles down and 3 tiles right from the staircase so when you arrive on the ground floor after teleporting, your cursor is already on/near the staircase to the top floor where the bone grinder is.



After using the Ectophial teleport, spam click where Fig.2 shows to move the cursor until your character starts running to the stairs up (Ectophial refill animation takes a second). IMPORTANT - MAKE SURE LEFT CLICK ON BONES IS SET TO "USE"!!!

As you are moving towards the stairs up, you can click one of the bones in your inventory so it is already marked to use when you go upstairs. Then, once you are upstairs, you can just immediately click the hopper on the bone grinder to begin the animation of grinding the bones. I recommend highlighting the tile where the hopper is, as using the bones on any other part of the grinder will not begin the bone grinding. Like the buckets, the animation will automatically complete the entire inventory of bones one by one, very slowly. It takes ~1:20 to grind and collect all eight bones. Once all 8 of your pots are full of ground bones, you can use the Ectophial again to teleport back downstairs.



This time after using the Ectophial, try to position your mouse cursor about 2-3 tiles down from the crank turn-shaft on the bone grinder. Your cursor will almost guaranteed be right on the Ectofuntus when the teleport animation completes. Spam click until all of your pots of ground bones are empty, praise be the Ectofuntus! Once you are done worshiping great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, speak with one of the two Ghost Disciples hovering around the ground floor to claim your Ectotokens. Tag them so you can see them easily as there is a 3rd named quest NPC roaming the area who doesn't give out Ectotokens. Once you click on a Ghost Disciple, a dialogue prompt will pop up. Absolutely STOMP the spacebar one time to proceed through to the second dialogue pane, in which you will be given 40 Ectotokens (5 per bone).



The point of STOMPing the spacebar once is to mentally register that you have completed the process, and signify the collection of the Ectotokens. It is recommended you collect the tokens after every trip because the ghosts ethereal pockets don't work very well and they can only hold up to 65 at a time, which means you will either waste bones or your click pattern will be interrupted if you skip collecting them once and they max out at 65. You can immediately click your bank teleport (Camelot Teletab -OR- Crafting Cape) while the dialogue pane is still open. If using the Camelot Teletabs, try to position your mouse cursor 10 tiles up from wherever you're standing which will place your cursor on or very close to the bank booth at Seer's Village once the teleport animation is complete.

And then repeat as many times as you deem necessary to train your prayer and charge your Bonecrusher!
The process can be simplified into this formula

Also don't forget, theres an npc in Port Phasmatys (Robin) who will trade you pre-ground bone pots and slime buckets for regular bones, up to 39 per day with Morytania Elite Diary complete. So you can cap off your Bonecrusher charging session with that if you've got regular bones lying around in your bank.




There are vendors at all Charter Ship destinations named "Trader Crewmembers" who sell buckets of slime (stock of 10 each, 2 gp per) which you can hop worlds and buyout consistently. This alternative can be used by anyone who doesn't have Elite Morytania Diary complete, but has an ectophial and efficient banking method.