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1-99 Construction Guide

Written by General lee II on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Hey guys welcome to my 1-99 construction guide! Before you start any construction keep in mind you will need a saw, a hammer, and some cash in your inventory.

When starting you use normal planks therefore you will need nails. I'd prefer to start with 1.5k steel nails and 600 planks. Now onto the guide.


Levels 1-4

Crude Wooden Chairs (5 Times with 10 planks)

Requires Parlour Room:


Level 4-33

Wooden Book Cases (143 times with 572 planks)

Requires Parlour Room:

Book case

While making this you will be unnoting you noted planks from the Rimmington poh. In the general Store with npc called Phials.

Levels 33-74

Oak Larders (2,256 times with 18,040 oak planks)

Requires Kitchen Room:

Oak larders

This is when you unlock servants move up to butler when you can and be sure you have decent amount of coins in your inventory. With new servants coin pouch at 58 I'd recommend putting 1m coins in there when you get the chance to have more inventory space.

Levels 74-99

Oak Dungeon Doors (19,897 times with 198,970 oak planks)

Requires Dungeon Room:

This is the cheap route of 1-99 with the cost of "120m+"!

The Alternative route is expensive with "150m+", but you can get 99 in just 15 hours!

Levels 33-52

Oak Larders (220 times with 1,760 oak planks)

Requires Kitchen:

Levels 52-99

Mahogany Tables (15,370 times with 92,220 Mahogany planks)

Requires Dinning room:


That's all I have with my guide hope you enjoy your 99 which is very beneficial :) Thank you!