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1-99 Cooking Guide

Written by General lee II on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Hello. Welcome to my 1-99 guide. With this skill you will always make some sort of profit with Cooking. I love doing this. Usually this is my first 99 in all my accounts and thought to make a guide. So here it is!

First off be sure you have completed the quest Family Crest for the Cooking Gauntlets "which reduces the chance you burn" now lets move onto the guide :)


Quest that gives cooking xp:

  • Cook assistant-300xp
  • Rag and Bone man-500xp
  • Big Bird Chompy Hunting-1,470xp
  • Getrude's Cat-1,525xp
  • Heroes Quest-2,825xp
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio-5,000xp
  • Forgettable Tale of the Drunken Dwarf-5,000xp
  • Recipe For Disaster-28,000xp


Levels 1-15 Cooking Raw Shrimp

Successfully cooked-81

Experience Required-2,411

Time-5 Minutes


Levels 15-25 Cooking Raw Trout

Successfully Cooked-78

Experience Required-10,952

Time-8 Minutes


Levels 25-35 Cooking Raw Salmon


Successfully Cooked-162

Experience Required-9,043

Time-5 Minutes


Levels 35-50 Cooking Raw Tuna

Successfully Cooked-790

Experience Required-78,927

Time-40 Minutes


Levels 50-75 Cooking Raw Lobster

Successfully Cooked-9,243

Experience Required-1,109,088

Time-8hrs 15 Minutes


Levels 75-90 Cooking Raw Swordfish

Successfully Cooked-29,543

Experience Required-4,135,911

Time-24hrs 20 Minutes


For Money:

Levels 80-90 Cooking Raw Karambwuan

Requires quest:Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Successfully cooked-17,686

Experience Required-3,360,364



Levels 90-99 Cooking Raw Sharks

Successfully Cooked-36,610

Experience Required-7,688,099

Time-30hrs 45 minutes


Alternate Method Levels 90-99 Making wine Jugs

Successfully Cooked-38,441

Experience Required-7,688,099

Time-17 hours 30 Minutes


That is my 1-99 cooking guide all this cooking can be done at Burthrope Inn Basement "Rouge's Den"  It has 2 fire places with the fastest bank here and is also the gracefull outfit seller is the image Below:


Thanks for reading my guide. Enjoy your 99 cooking, In the end i usually made 20m+ cash from just cooking so great starter cash! Happy trails!