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Fairy Ring Runecrafting!!

Written by Bret A on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to do Runecrafting without the abyss!!

So first off some things you will need are:

Quests - Lost City, Fairy Tale Part 1, Fairy Tale Part 2 (partial).

Skills - 27 Runecrafting, 46 or 66 Agility, 66 highly recommended.

Items - Pure Essence Dramen Staff, Cosmic + Nature Talismin, Quest cape or Slayer rings for easy access to Fairy rings, Rings of Dueling or Amulets of Glory, Rune Pouches, Weight Reducing Gear, and Stamina potions if you wish.

Inventory /Gear Setup: 



Cosmic Runs

Teleport to a fairy ring the fastest way you can and enter Zanaris. Then run south towards the altar and use agility shortcut if you can. Then continue south and enter the altar, next click the altar to craft your runes, and then empty your pouches and use the rest of your essence. Lastly tele to the bank of your choice and repeat!!

Nature Runs:

Similar to the cosmic runs, you are going to want to teleport to a fairy ring the fastest way you can and enter in code CKR. Next run East following the Northern Wall of Shilo Village. Once the fencing runs out, run North-East and enter the altar. Once inside, go craft all of your essence, and then bank!!

That's all I got guys, If you have any questions, comments, or concerns let me know. Good luck Runecrafting boys!!