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1-99 Woodcutting Guide. (F2P and P2P)

Written by Shig on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Meet the Author:  osrsdiscordlogin

This guide will help people that want to level woodcutting to 99. I will go over all of the methods and describe the pros and cons of each method. I personally don't enjoy 3-tick and 2-tick methods, so I won't be listing them. Not many people use tick abuse because it is very click intensive. I will link a 3-tick and 2-tick guide at the bottom of this guide. Pro tip before we start. I used a steel axe to 31 and an Addy axe to 41. Make sure to only switch your axes there because its a waste of time and money to switch every time you unlock a new axe. Let's begin.

1-15: Just chop normal trees. They are all over RS. Either burn them or drop them.

15-30: Oak trees. Oak trees are everywhere as well. My favorite spot to chop them is west of V West and south of the GE. Either burn them or drop

30-99: Willow trees.This is one of the fastest methods for woodcutting. F2P players should be doing this to 99 and P2P players can expect around 65k-70k WC XP/HR with a dragon axe and F2P players can expect around 55k-60k per hour with a rune. F2P players should not cut Yew trees as they are so heavily botted.


35-90/99: Teak trees. This is the fastest woodcutting xp in the game. You will be dropping every inventory. The best spot to cut teaks is in Tai Bwo Wannai. You need trading sticks to enter the little patch where the teaks are. You also need to do the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup minigame. Alternatively, you can grow your own on Fossil Island. You need 35 farming and the completion of Bone Voyage.

30-61: Willow trees. There are willow tre>eseverywhereand t>hey are so cheap, so I suggest dropping them instead of burning them as well. If you'd like to bank them though, F2P users can chop at Draynor village and P2P users can chop at Barbarian Assault. 

61-75: Yew trees. This method is for money. This method should also be done in the Woodcutting guild. To enter the woodcutting guild, you must have 60 WC, which you will, and you need at least 75% in the Hosidius house. I suggest you just get 10>0% in Hosidius because you will lose favor in one house if you start gaining in another, unless you have 100% in that house. 

. This is a guide for 100% Hosidius house favor.

75-90/99: Magic trees. This method takes forever and I do not recommend it. It is good for an alt account to make about 30m, but you only get 20k xp/hr and you will take about 2 to 2.5 months depending on how much attention you pay and how crowded the trees are. Again. This method should be done in the woodcutting guild.

90-99: Redwood trees. This is my favorite method. It is the most afk and fastest xp for how afk it truly is. Redwood logs are very cheap, so you can either drop them or bank them for free firemaking xp later.

. This is the 2 tick method. 
. This is the 3 tick method.