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90+ Ranged Training (Alternative to chinchompas)

Written by Wild Lugia on . Posted in OSRS Skill Guides

Hi guys! As I'm sure everyone knows, training any skill to 99 can be a pain. I recently got 99 ranged myself through an interesting method. My account used to be a void pure (AKA 42 defence for void, 90+ ranged). However, as a pure I was very limited as to what I could train on, and chinchompas were out of my price range. I found an alternative method to chinchompas; however, I would only recommend it for people who are at least 85 ranged (although anyone CAN do this method at ANY level, the experience rates are only optimal at higher levels. Note that this method works for a variety of skills, including Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, and Pray. However, the experience rates may vary and I am focusing on range as a substitute for chinchompas.

My solution to training was pest control! I understand pest control is one of the least entertaining minigames for most people, but you may be surprised at the experience you may gain from it. 

Since the 18th of December 2014, Pest Control grants FULL experience (as opposed to it previously only providing half the experience). While the rates of experiences gained solely from the minigame are not amazing (approximately 1000 - 2500exp per round assuming you get at least 250 damage), the real experience lays in the rewards section of Pest Control. 


LevelAttack Strength
Defence Hitpoints
1 25-34 35xp 32xp 18xp
1 35-42 70xp 64xp 36xp
1 43-48 105xp 96xp 54xp
1 49-54 140xp 128xp 72xp
1 55-59 175xp 160xp 90xp
1 60-64 210xp 192xp 108xp
1 65-69 245xp 224xp 126xp
1 70-73 280xp 256xp 144xp
1 74-77 315xp 288xp 162xp
1 78-81 350xp 320xp 180xp
1 82-84 385xp 352xp 198xp
1 85-88 420xp 384xp 216xp
1 89-91 455xp 416xp 234xp
1 92-94 490xp 448xp 252xp
1 95-97 525xp 480xp 270xp
1 98-99 560xp 512xp 288xp

The previous table displays the experience that can be exchanged for 1 Pest Control point. When I started this method, I was level 94 ranged. At that level, cashing in 100 points would be equal to about 52k experience. While this doesn't seem like much initially, 100 points is about an hour and a half worth of pest control (in the intermediate boat) when you are paying a medium amount of attention and the boats are not failing. With the experience gained from playing the game AND the experience gained from the rewards, you could hit about 100k experience per hour while paying full attention. 


When I did this method of training, I waited until I had 1000+ points to cash them in. I did this for two reasons:

1.) Waiting to cash in points means more time of training; if you have higher levels the points will be worth more experience. For example, if you were 91 ranged and you had 100 points, cashing them in would yield about 45k experience. However, if you waited until you were 92 ranged (from the experience gained while playing the game), the 100 points would then provide closer to 48k experience.

2.) It is simply more satisfying to cash in 1000+ points! Gaining over 500k experience in a single minute is one of the happiest feelings you can have while playing Runescape! 

As far as gear goes, you can wear anything from dragonhide armor to void armor to full Karil's! Because you gain gold for every round won (combat level x 10), you can use this to account for armor degrading OR for ammunition. I personally recommend using broad bolts if you have 55+ slayer, but any form of damage can be used. 


PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST DO AT LEAST 50 DAMAGE PER ROUND OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE POINTS OR GOLD FOR COMPLETION, REGARDLESS OF IF YOUR TEAM WON OR LOST. It is also important to note that the amount of experience gained in game depends on how much damage you do (obviously), so you should strive to do as much damage as possible both to gain more experience AND to help your team win.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask me in game! I will add to this guide as often as possible