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Easy - Elite Clue Scroll Requirements And Descriptions

Written by Os Wiz on . Posted in OSRS Treasure Trail Help

Easy Clues:

Easy clues do not require specific skill levels/quests to be achieved. These clues 

consists of map clues, crypt clues (riddles), and emote clues. Nothing will be fought

during these clues.




Medium Clues: 

Medium clues, or level 2 clues, are the next step up from easy clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, and Cipher Clues. 


Skills: 50 Range - To Wear Blue D'Hide Body

40 Mage - To Wear Mystic Gloves And Mystic Bottoms

40 Defence - To Wear Blue D'Hide Body

35 Agility - To Enter Barbarian Agility Training Area. (With Barcrawl)


Quests: Dragon Slayer - Gives Access To Green D'Hide Body And Crandor.

Horror From The Deep - Completion Not Necessary, Need Access To Lighthouse.

Biohazard - Gives Access To The Combat Training Camp.

Tourist Trap - Completion Not Necessary, Gives Access To The Desert Mining Camp.

Sea Slug - Completion Not Necessary, Gives Access to Fishing Platform.

The Freminik Trials - Gives Access To Miscellania.

Jungle Potion - Gives Access to Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai.




Hard Clues: 

Hard clues, or level 3 clues, are the next step up from medium clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Puzzle Box Clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, Coordinate Clues, and Cipher Clues. Hard Clues are usually long and

complex, and can give you a puzzle box to solve. They also involve wilderness trips and can

involve fights with a Zamorak Wizard, Saradomin Wizard, or Double Agent.


Skills: 60 Prayer - Required To Wield Stoles And Croziers.

50 Range - Required To Wear Blue Dragonhide Armor.

40 Magic - Required To Wear Mystic Hat And Weild The Mystic Fire Staff.

40 Attack - Required To Wield Various Rune Weapons And The Mystic Fire Staff.

40 Defence - Required To Wear Rune Armor And Blue Dragonhide Body.

68 Fishing - Required To Access The Fishing Guild. (Can Be Boosted. Admiral Pie @63)

56 Agility - Required To Get Through The Dense Forest In Tirannwn. (Can Be Boosted. Summer Pie @51)


Quests: Priest In Peril - Gives Access To Canafis.

Plague City - Gives Access To West Ardougne.

Regicide - Gives Access To Tirannwn. Reccomended To Complete Fully.

Ictharin's Little Helper - Gives Access To Sophanem.

Legends Quest - Gives Access To The Kharazi Jungle. 

Mountain Daughter - (Optional) Gives Access To The Mountain Camp, Without Rope Everytime.

Watchtower - Gives Access To Gu'Tanoth.

The Grand Tree - Gives Access To The Ship Yard.

Shilo Village - Gives Access To Shilo Village.

Nature Spirit - Gives Access To Nature Grotto.

Troll Stronghold - Gives Access To Trollheim.

Fairytale II - Gives Access To Fairy Rings.

Elemental Workshop 1 - Gives Ability To Equip Elemental Shield.

Dragon Slayer - Gives Access To Crandor.

Zogre Flesh Eaters - Gives Access To Jiggig.




Elite Clues:

Elite clues, or level 4 clues, are the next step up from Hard clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Puzzle Box Clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, Coordinate Clues, and Cipher Clues. Coordinate Elite Clues will

require you to ight an Armadylian Gaurd (Flying/Range) or Bandosian Gaurd (Ground/Melee).


Skills: 70 Attack - Required to wield dragon weapons and the black salamander.

60 Defence - Required to wear the dragon med helm and dragon boots.

70 Range - Required to wear black dragonhide armour, the rune crossbow, and the black salamander.

70 Magic - Required to cast Lvl-5 Enchant for Sherlock and to wield the black salamander.

60 Prayer - Required to wield a crozier.

60 Agility - Required to access the Seers' Village Agility Course.

76 Fishing - Required to fish a shark for Sherlock.

59 Runecrafting - Required to runecraft a nature rune and or double cosmic runes for Sherlock.

55 Mining - Required to mine a mithril ore for Sherlock.

66 Herblore - Required to make a super defence potion for Sherlock.

60 Woodcutting - Required to cut a yew tree for Sherlock.

63 Hunter - Required to catch a red chinchompa for Sherlock.

72 Thieving - Required to picklock King Lathas's chest for Sherlock.

87 Crafting - Required to craft a Dorgeshuun light orb for Sherlock.

64 Smithing - Required to smith a mithril 2h sword for Sherlock.

70 Fletching - Required to create a yew longbow for Sherlock.

65 Slayer - Required to kill a Dust Devil for Sherlock.


Quests: Priest in Peril - Gives access to Canifis

Mourning's Ends Part I (started) - Gives access to Lletya and Mourner gear.

Regicide (started) - Gives access to Tirannwn. Highly recommended to complete the quest, as travelling becomes easier with using a charter ship to Port Tyras.

Darkness of Hallowvale (started) - Gives access to Meiyerditch.

Jungle Potion - Gives access to the Hardwood Grove.

Cabin Fever - Gives access to Mos Le'Harmless and its nearby cave.

Shilo Village - Gives access to Shilo Village.

Legends' Quest (started) - Gives access to the Kharazi Jungle and Legends' Guild.

The Great Brain Robbery(partial completion) - Gives access to Harmony Island.

Monkey Madness - Gives access to Crash Island and Ape Atoll.

The Fremennik Isles - Gives access to Neitiznot and Jatizso.

Lunar Diplomacy - Gives access to Lunar Isle and Pirates' Cove.

Troll Romance (partial completion) - Gives access to Trollweiss Mountain.

Spirits of the Elid - Gives access to the crack west of Nardah.

Swan Song - Gives access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Death to the Dorgeshuun - Gives access to Dorgesh-Kaan.

Recipe for Disaster - Required to wear barrows gloves.

The Slug Menace- Required to wear proselyte armour.

Elemental Workshop II - Required to wield the mind shield.

Underground Pass - Gives access to Tirannwn.

Another Slice of H.A.M.- Gives access to Ambassador Alvijar.

Horror from the Deep - Required to equip a filled God book