Twenty Cure Iron - New Recruit Tony Master Anagram

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RIP Maul - Primula Master Anagram
Solution: New Recruit Tony, located at Graveyard of Heroes in Shayzien.
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Anagram NPC:

New Recruit Tony

Answer: Solve the puzzle or light box
NPC Location: Graveyard of Heroes in Shayzien.

Getting there: 

  • Fairy rings - Use the code djr and then run south-east
  • Skills necklace - Use the Woodcutting Guild teleport and walk west until you reach the War Tent and then walk north
  • Kourend Castle Teleport and then run south-west
  • Kharedst's memoirs or Book of the Dead - Use History and hearsay to teleport to the Graveyard of Heroes (requires completion of Tale of the Righteous)
  • Xeric's talisman - Use the Xeric's Lookout teleport