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​​Champions Challenge​

Written by Kim on . Posted in Distractions & Diversions

Champion's Challenge

  • The Champion's Challenge is a Distraction and Diversion found in the basement of the Champion's Guild, it was released on the 12 December 2005. The Distraction and Diversion is based on collecting scrolls of 13 monsters, and then defeating their champion's.


Champion's Scrolls:

  • There are 13 monsters in total that is included in the D&D, when you are fighting one of the monsters that is included in this D&D you will be able to get a Champion's Scroll drop. But the Champion Scrolls are extremely rare to get s a drop, the chance is 1 in 5000 of receiving as a drop from that specific monster.


Fighting a Champion:

  • Once you have gotten a Champion's Scroll from one of the 13 monsters, that includes in this D&D. You can head down to Champion's Guild just outside Varrock and hand in the Scroll to Larxus, then you will be able to battle that specific champion.



  • Leprechaun Champion (not needed), Imp Champion, Goblin Champion, Skeleton Champion, Zombie Champion, Hobgoblin Champion, Hill Giant Champion, Banshee Champion, Ghoul Champion, Earth Warrior Champion, Aberrant Spectre Champion, Jogre Champion, Mummy Champion, Lesser Demon Champion, Leon d'Cour (human) After defeating 10 lower champions, players will get a challenge from him. After defeating both the 13 lower champions and Leon d'Cour the player will get a challenge from Glophren.



  • After defeating a Champion for the first time a player is gaining Constitution and Slayer experience, which is different for each Champion. Also after defeating a Champion for the first time, you can challenge it even more. Also after a player have defeaten their first Champion, they can get a calling beads by talking to Larxus, which will show how many Champions kills they have in total.



  • Title Fight - Visiting the arena
  • Victory is Mine - Fighting in the arena


*Not finished, I will continue on this Guide later on when I have the time, also add pictures*