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Lost City

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

  • Members.

Quest Length:

  • Medium.

Quest Requirement:

  • None.

Skill Level Requirement:

  • Level 36 Woodcutting.
  • Level 31 Crafting.
  • Combat high enough to defeat a level 63 foe.

Items Required:


Items Recommended:

Combat Using Magic Attacks: Supplies to craft either a Bat wand or Spider Wand, Food, Runes to cast your highest Magic spell.

Combat Using Melee: Supplies to smith armor and a weapon, Portable forge, Food and melee stat boosting potions.

Combat Using Ranged Attacks: Bowstring, An unstrung bow, Unfinished arrows, Arrow tips, Food.

Quests Partly Unlocked or Unlocked After Completing Quest:

  • Fairy Tale Part One - Growing Pains
  • Heroes' Quest
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • Recipe for Disaster

Starting Point:

Speak to the Warrior at the Campsite located near the southern shoreline of the Lumbridge Swamp.


Starting Out:

To begin the quest head southwest of Father Urhney's shack until you find a campsite with several adventures. Speak to the Warrior and choose the options which challenge his authority and he will gradually tell you that they are looking for a leprechaun which can help them find the lost city of Zanaris.


Next walk slightly west of the camp and attempt to chop down the swamp tree with the 'chop tree' option. A Leprechaun named Shamus will appear, speak to them and ask him how to find the lost city of Zanaris. He will explain that you will need to obtain a special staff which can be created from a dramen branch in order to enter the city. You will learn that there is a Dramen tree located on Entrana, once done speaking to the leprechaun he will offer to teleport you to the Port Sarim's docks. If you have all the supplies needed to to complete the quest already, accept the teleport, if not bank.


Speak to any of the Monks at the Port Sarim dock and after a quick search they will allow you to travel to Entrana. Due to the monks forbidding any weapons and armor on Entrana, you will need to bring your unfinished combat gear in order to defeat the level 63 tree spirit.


After arriving on Entrana, head northeast and go through the church, then go across the bridge to the northwestern part of the island. Attempt to go down the ladder you find here, however a Cave Monk will stop you and warn you to be careful if you go down as there is no way to climb back up the ladder, on top of that the effects of prayers will be greatly reduced once you go down. Inform the Cave Monk that you are willing to take the risk, climb down the ladder.


Once down, follow the path running past level 29 Zombies until you find a group of level 82 Greater demons. South of the Greater demons is a cave which has the Dramen tree located in it, run to it. Make any weapons or armor before attempting to chop the tree, once prepared, chop the tree and a level 63 Dramen Tree Spirit will appear. If using Ranged or Magic attack methods, stand in the middle of the mushrooms in the south area of the cave to safely kill the Tree Spirit without taking any damage from it.

If the Tree Spirit is not killed quick enough, it will disappear and you will need to chop the tree again to restart the fight.

Once the Tree Spirit has been killed, chop the Draman tree to receive a Dramen branch from it and fletch the branch into a Dramen staff. It is recommended to make multiple in case you loose the Dramen staff.


Head back to the Lumbridge swamp using the Lumbridge lodestone teleport method. Walk to the shed located northeast of the campsite with the adventures, equip the Dramen staff and enter the shed to be teleported and gain access to the lost city of Zanaris. Congratulations!