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Tree Gnome Village

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

  • Members.

Quest Length:

  • Long.

Quest Requirements:

  • None.

Skill Level Requirements:

  • The ability to defeat a level 53 foe.

Items Required:

  • 6 logs.
  • Armor and a Weapon.

Items Recommended:

  • Food if low combat stats.

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

  • Monkey Madness
  • The Path of Glouphrie

Starting Point:

  • Speak to King Bolren located in the middle of the Tree Gnome Village.


Starting Out:

To begin the quest, you will need to speak to King Bolren located in the Tree Gnome Village. Before being able to speak to King Bolren, you will be required to navigate through a maze located southwest of East Ardougne. The map below will help you navigate through the maze, once you are next to some loose railings click on them and choose the squeeze through loose railing option.

After entering the village, speak to King Bolren who will be located near the northeastern corner of the village. He will explain to you that they hid one of the Orbs of Protection, which helps protect the village from the Khazard army to the north. Unfortunately after they hid the orb as a last resort, it went missing and King Bolren asks if you are willing to help retrieve the orb for him. After agreeing to help, a gnome named Elkoy will guide you out of the maze.


Speak to Commander Montai once you are out of the maze, he is the gnome that is wearing red armor. He will inform you that they will need some logs to repair the gnome's defences and asks for 6 logs. Give Commander Montai your 6 logs and speak to him again, he will explain to you that he sent out three tracker gnomes to retrieve the coordinates of the Khazard stronghold. With all of the coordinates, they plan to use the ballista to break down the wall and retrieve the orb. Unfortunately the gnomes that were sent haven't returned yet and Commander Montai asks you to retrieve the coordinates from them. You will now need to locate all three of the gnome trackers in order to obtain all of the coordinates needed to fire the ballista.


Locating the First Gnome:

Head to the northwestern bridge and go across it, from here head to the most northwestern building in the Khazard stronghold. Behind the building you will find Tracker gnome 1, speak with him to obtain the hight-coordinate.


Locating the Second Gnome:

Next, head to the most northeastern building you find in the stronghold and enter the building. You will find Tracker gnome 2 in a cell, speak to the gnome to obtain the y-coordinate.


Locating the Third Gnome:

Head southwest of the Khazard stronghold and near some trees you will have found Tracker gnome 3. Attempt to speak with him to learn that he has gone insane. However he will give you a hint for the final coordinate which you will need to solve. The Hint may be any one of the following below, hints may differ from player to player.

  • "Less than my hands" : 1
  • "More than my head": 2
  • "More than we but less than our feet": 3
  • "My Legs and your legs": 4


Retrieving the Orb:

Return to the gnome side of the battlefield and slightly southwest of the bridge you crossed you will find the ballista. After working out the x-coordinate, click on the ballista and enter the coordinate to fire it at the Khazard stronghold's wall and break it down.


Next head across the bridge and go into the Khazard stronghold, Climb over the crumbled wall on the southern side of the most northwestern building. Once you have entered the building. a level 49 Khazard commander will attack you. Kill him then go up the ladder and kill the other Khazard commander you find here.


After killing the final Khazard commander, open the chest and retrieve the orb of protection you find in it.

Return to the maze and choose to follow Elkoy to arrive back in Tree Gnome Village. After arriving speak to King Bolren and he will inform you that the village was attacked in the night and the remaining two orbs have been taken by the Khazard warlord. Agree to help get the two orbs back for him.


Defeating the Warlord:

After speaking to King Bolren, choose to follow Elkoy to be guided out of the maze then head to the Khazard stronghold. Once here head northwest until you find West Ardougne's south wall and follow it till you find the level 53 Khazard warlord. Attempt to speak to him and he will refuse to give the orbs to you, now attack him and once he has been defeated retrieve the orbs. Killing the Khazard warlord should be fairly easy, however lower levels may want to bring a bit of food to heal if needed.


Return to King Bolren at the Tree Gnome Village and he will take the orbs from you and perform a ritual which will place the orbs back on the spirit tree. Grateful for your help. King Bolren will now offer you a reward for helping him out which will complete the quest. Congratulations!