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Wolf Whistle

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

Free to Play.

Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:


Items Required:


Items Recommended:


Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

  • Fairy Tale Part Three - Battle at Orks Rift, A
  • Rune Mechanics
  • Void Dance, A

Start Point:

Speak to Pikkupstix located in Taverley.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest speak to Pikkupstix who can be found in Taverley, a quick way of reaching Pikkupstix is by using the Taverley Lodestone teleport and running east to the quest location. While talking to Pikkupstix, ask him if he has any quests for you to do. He will inform you that two of his assistants have not returned yet and asks you to find Bowloftrix and Scalectrix for him.

After finishing speaking to Pikkupstix, exit his hut and head west and go across the bridge. Walk slightly north until you find a watermill and an old well. Scalectrix will be to the west. Speak with Scalectrix to learn that Bowloftrix has been captured by trolls, however you will also learn that there are too many trolls to make a rescue attempt and a spirit Wolf familiar is unable to harm them.

Gathering the Items:

Return to Pikkupstix and explain the situation involving his assistants to him. He will recommend summoning a Giant wolpertiner to use to harm the trolls with, however he needs you to bring him the following items:

  • Ancient wolf bone amulet
  • White hare meat
  • Embroidered pouch

Head up the stairs next to Pikkupstix and search the cluttered drawers to retrieve the Embroidered pouch.

Next, climb down the stairs and exit Pikkupstix's hut. Directly south of Pikkupstix is the pet shop, head here and speak to the Pet shop owner about White hare meat. After speaking to the Pet shop owner, he will give you some.

Now, you will need to search for Stikklebrix who can be found on White Wolf Mountain. Head west up the mountain and you will find Stikklebrix's body on the ground. Search the body to retrieve the Ancient wolf bone amulet.

Head back to Pikkupstix and he will give you some Rare summoning items after you show him the items he asked for. The Rare summoning items consist of a Grey charm and a Spirit shard, which you will need to infuse the pouch. Speak to Pikkupstix who will tell you to use the items on the obelisk near you. Once done using the items on the obelisk, you will now have a Giant wolpertiner pouch in your inventory, show this to Pikkupstix. He will explain that summoning the Giant wolpertiner will require having two people and suggests that you ask Scalectrix for help with this.

Rescuing Bowloftrix:

Return to Scalectrix at the well and show her the pouch, enter the well to discover Bowloftrix inside a cooking pot which is surrounded by trolls. A cut scene will play with you summoning the Giant wolpertiner and it harming the trolls, allowing you to rescue Bowloftrix. After you have rescued Bowloftrix he will thank you for your help which will complete the quest. Congratulations!