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Demon Slayer

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

Free to Play.

Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

Combat stats high enough to defeat a level 15 foe.

Items Required:

Armor and a weapon.

Items Recommended:

  • Food if low combat
  • Varrock teleports

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

  • Defender of Varrock
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Shadow of the Storm

Start Point:

Speak to Gideon Bede, Found in the church located in northern Varrock.

Starting Out:

Head to Gideon Bede, who is located in Varrock's northern church and speak with him. He will ask for your assistance to stop Denath, who is a Zamorakian monk that is attempting to summon a powerful demon called Delrith which would destroy Varrock. Gildeon requests you to retrieve a special sword called Siverlight, which is the only weapon that can be used against the demon in order to defeat it.

Retrieving Silverlight:

Located slightly south of Gideon is a trap door, open this then climb down to enter the catacombs beneath the church. Once you have climbed down, head north and you will see Silverlight being guarded by a magic barrier and 3 spirits standing in front of it. Speak to either of the spirits to learn that you must pass 3 tests in order to obtain the sword.

If you log out while in the catacombs, or disconnect at any point, your character will appear next to the trap door south of Gildeon.

For the first test, head east and speak to the Spirit of Mind. The spirit will ask you a few questions to determine if you have a focused mind, you will need to answer the questions correctly in order to pass the test. After all of the questions have been answered correctly, the spirit will inform you that you have passed the test. Below are the correct answers to each question.

Why are you in this place?

I Seek Silverlight.

What is Silverlight?

A sword that slays demons.

Why do you require a sword that slays demons?

A powerful demon threatens Varrock.

Who is this demon?


Who sends you to claim Silverlight and fight Delrith?

Gildeon Bede.


Once completed, head into the northern room and speak with the Spirit of Faith to begin the second test. The spirit will ask you to walk across a deep chasm, believing only your faith and not your eyes. Take one step at a time, while watching and moving to the direction the spirit tells you to move to (north, east, west, or south). If you take an incorrect step, you will need to start over. Once you have crossed the chasm the spirit will inform you that you are able to walk across the chasm freely and that your faith is strong, meaning you have completed the second test.

For the final test, head into the western room and speak to the Spirit of Body to begin the test. You will be required to defeat 10 Skeletons (level 2) which use ranged attacks. Defeat all the Skeletons to complete the test.


Now head into the center room and speak to the spirits which will inform you that you have passed all of the tests and are ready to claim Silverlight. The magic barrier and the spirits will disappear, obtain Silverlight then exit the catacombs.

Foiling Denath's Plans:

Return to where you first encountered Gildeon Bede to discover that he has left a scroll on the floor. Take the scroll and read it to discover that he has located Denath within the caverns beneath the Church of Zamorak. Head directly south, passing Aubury's rune shop and keep going south until you are outside of the entrance to the church, you will find a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and climb down to enter the caverns below to discover that you will need to navigate through numerous rooms in order to reach Denath. Defeat the Zamorakian monks (level 2) while navigating eastwards until you reach a corner then head into the final room to discover Denath.

Confront Denath, He will continue to summon the demon and ignore your request to stop. After he summons the demon, he will teleport away and Delrich (level 15) demon will appear and begin to attack you. Equip Silverlight and attack the demon, but pay attention to Delrith as he will charge a magical attack occasionally and yell "prepare to be incinerated!" before using it. When you see Delrith charging the magical attack, run to Gildeon Bede, who will activate a shield around him which will deflect most of the damage from the attack. If you are not under the shield, Delrith's magical attacks can damage you severely taking your health down to 1 lifepoint. This is why it is advised to be under the shield, due to it deflecting most of the attack, you will only receive 1000 damage during each attack. If you are a lower level, it is advised to bring food to restore health when needed.

Note: Do not wear full Armadyl or any Saradomin items during the fight as it will prevent you from being able to damage Delrith.

After you have killed Delrith, the caverns will begin to cave in and Gildeon will teleport you both back to safety. Speak with Gildeon to complete the quest and claim your reward. Congratulations!