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Bringing Home the Bacon

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

  • 14 Construction.
  • 14 Farming.
  • 14 Summoning.

Items Required:

5 Wheat (Can obtain while completing the quest).

Items Recommended:

Explorer's ring 3, for a quick teleport method nearby the farm.

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:


Start Point:

Speak to Eli, located in the farm directly north of Port Sarim.

Starting Out:

To start the quest speak to Eli, who can be found the pig pen area of the farm directly north of Port Sarim. He will ask for your assistance with tasting some meat he has just cooked. Offer to help him and he will hand you some Mysterious meat, eat the meat then choose either of the options that appear and you will ask Eli what the meat is. He will explain to you that the meat is called bacon and that pigs are currently a useless animal with the exception of the occasional pig-wrestling competition. Eli will inform you that he intends to boost the the interest for pigs and the pig population so that there is enough bacon for everyone which will make pigs no longer useless.

Next, some Bacon addicted locals who tasted the bacon will enter the pen and attempt to butter up the pigs for eating. Eli will ask for your help with making some pig decoys to use as a distraction against the Bacon addicted locals and gives you a Bacon heap and some Planks. Build the pig decoys by clicking on the pig decoy hotspots appear, this will distract the Bacon addicts which will give Eli time to lead all of the pigs to safety. After all the pigs are safe you will appear with Eli in the storm cellar beneath the farmhouse.

Eli's Plan:

Speak to Eli and he will explain his plan about raising a large pig and teaching it tricks in hopes that it will draw people's attention and boost the demand for pigs. Once the demand goes up for pigs, he would release the secret to people about where bacon comes from. Eli will ask you what pigs are useful for. Pick an option that you prefer as this will be based on your own pet pig. Eli will then suggest that you visit Marin in Draynor Village to obtain a pig.

Using the Draynor lodestone teleport method, head southwest into the Draynor Village market and speak to Martin. Ask if you can have one of his piglets and after a brief conversation he will ask you to find the person pickpocketing him and beat them up before he will give you a piglet.

Head slightly northwest of Martin and speak to each of the Pickpockets there until you find one who was not named by any of the others. Accuse this person, if you have accused correctly a cut scene will appear with you beating them up. Once the cut scene is finished Martin will thank you for your help and give you a piglet.

Return to Eli in the storm cellar with the piglet and he will inform you that you will need to construct a machine in order to train the piglet. He will give you the required items to construct the machine, click on the pig machine hotspot to build it then click on the machine to upgrade it.

Once done, ask Eli if there is anything else you need to do. He will inform you that you need to collect 5 wheat in order to fatten up the pig. Using the Draynor lodestone teleport, run south to the wheat field and pick the wheat, once done return to Eli.

Next, Eli will inform you that he wants to deal with the bacon addicts by using a sleeping potion on the pig decoys. Exit up the stairs into the pig pen and add some bacon to the decoys, then use the sleeping potion on them. The addicts will continue to eat the drugged bacon and you will notice that the sleeping potion was not effective against them. Return to Eli and he will state that the sleeping potion takes awhile for it to work and he will ask you to collect 5 fresh onions for him as he thinks they will repel the addicts in the same way they do vampires.

Note: Eli will not accept onions unless they are picked from a field. If they are bought from the Grand Exchange,  a store, or from another player he will not accept them, this also includes monster drops or harvesting them from a allotment patch.

Head to Draynor using the Draynor lodestone teleport and run south, behind the Draynor bank is an onion patch. Pick 5 onions from here and return to Eli.

Showing off Your Pet Pig:

After returning to Eli, you will notice that your pig is now full grown and that the bacon addicts have mysteriously vanished. Click on the machine and a cut scene will follow showing you training your pig, after the cut scene speak to Eli. He will now ask you to show off your pig in Gielinor's four major cities and will give you a Pig display list which will list the locations you need to visit. The locations below are the places that you need to visit with your pig.

  • Ardougne Marketplace
  • Falador North Gate
  • Lumbridge Courtyard
  • Varrock Marketplace

Walk around in each of these locations with your pig, a cut scene will play in each location with you showing your pig off at the people in each location.

Once you are done, return to Eli and he will inform you that his plan for boosting the demand for pigs has worked and that he would release the secret about bacon in a year which will complete the quest. Congratulations!


  • 1 quest point.
  • 350 Construction xp.
  • 350 Farming xp.
  • 350 Summoning xp.
  • customizable pet pig and the ability to make 3 pig familiars.
  • The ability to claim Bacon or 10 pig familar pouches and scrolls once a week.
  • Unlock music track: "Glutton for Nourishment'.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys.

 Machine Upgrades:

Once the quest is completed, you are able to improve your pig familiars by further upgrades to the machine.

  • Tier 2: Grants 200 construction xp.
  • Skills Required: 44 Construction, 44 Crafting, 44 Summoning.
  • Items Required: 3 oak planks, 2 Steel bars, 3 Nails.
  • Tier 3: Grants 2000 Construction xp.
  • Skills Required: 84 Construction, 84 Crafting, 84 Summon.
  • Items Required: 3 Teak planks, 2 Mithril bars, 3 Nails.