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All Fired Up

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/ Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:

Priest in Peril.

Skill Requirements:

43 Firemaking.

Items Required:

45 of the same type of logs.

Items Recommended:

Several casts of the Varrock teleport spell. 

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:


Starting Point:

Speak to King Roald, found in Varrock Palace.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, speak to King Roald who can be found near the Varrock Palace throne room. He will inform you that he needs your help with testing the beacon network that has been setup which would help warn Misthalin of any attacks. After agreeing to help, King Roald will ask you to speak to Blaze Sharpeye who can be found at the beacon near the River Salve.

Lighting the Beacons:

Next, leave the palace and head northeast towards the Temple of Paterdomus on the River Salve, slightly southwest of the temple you will find Blaze Sharpeye on a hill with a beacon near him. Speak to him and he will explain to you how to light the beacon and ask you to light the one next to him. To do this click on the beacon to add your 20 logs to it if you already have them with you, if not bank and grab them. Click on the beacon again to light it, then speak to Blaze Sharpeye again and he will ask you to light the beacon near Squire Fyre.

Note: You can cut down trees in the area to obtain logs for the quest, however to save time it may be quicker to bank during the quest providing you have the logs needed already banked or bought.

Bank again and withdraw 25 logs then head to Squire Fyre's beacon, which is located west of the Odd Old Man's camp up the step stones on the west side of the camp. Speak to Squire Fyre once you arrive there and she will tell you to light the beacon near her. Add 20 logs into the beacon and light it, return to Blaze Sharpeye once done.

Beacon Testing is a Success:

Speak to Blaze Sharpeye and he will inform you that the beacon near him needs to be relit due to it extinguishing. The beacon will only consume 5 logs this time to relight it, add the logs and the beacon will light up again. Speak to Blaze Sharpeye again who will explain more about the other beacons in the network and will ask you to report back to King Roald.

Return to King Roald and speak to him to claim your reward and complete the quest. Congratulations!