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Fight Arena

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/ Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Level Requirements:

  • Combat skill levels high enough to defeat level 50, 64, 77 foes without restocking on supplies.
  • Optional: Combat skill levels high enough to defeat a level 84 foe, twice without restocking on supplies.

Items Required:

  • 5 Coins
  • Armor and Weapon
  • Food

Items Recommended:

Stat boosting potions if lower combat level.

Quests Unlocked/Party Unlocked After Completing Quest:

Ritual of The Mahjarrat

Starting Point:

Speak to Lady Servil to begin the quest.

Starting Out:

Speak to Lady Servil, who is located northwest of the fight arena and offer to help her out. She will inform you that her son and husband have been kidnapped by General Kkazard and his men. 

Obtaining the Armor:

After speaking to Lady Servil, head south until you find a "Local" near the arena fence and speak to them. Once done, head to the most north-east building and enter it. Then go to the northeastern armor stand and choose the option to "borrow" a suit of armor to obtain a Khazard platebody and Khazard helmet. Put the armor on then head south towards the fight arena jailhouse entrance.

Dealing with the Guard:

While wearing the armor attempt to open the jailhouse door, a guard will stop you and open the door which will allow you to enter. Head to the most south-eastern room on the first floor of the building and speak to the Khazard guard you find here who will inform you that he enjoys drinking.

Next, exit the jailhouse and head to the pub located southwest of the fight arena. Speak to the bartender here and purchase a Khali Brew for 5 coins.

Return to the Khazard guard in the jailhouse and give him the brew, he will become drunk and pass out after drinking the brew. Once the guard passes out, you will notice he left the keys for Jeremy's cell on the table, take the keys and head to Jeremy's cell. Before speaking to Jeremy stock up on any supplies if you haven't already for the fight ahead as you will not be able to restock during the battles.

Freeing Jeremy:

Once you are prepared for the battle ahead, speak to Jeremy in his cell to free him. He will run off and assist his father in the fight arena, you will follow him and Jeremy will ask you to help fight on his fathers behalf.

The Battle Ahead:

In the arena you will need to defeat a level 64 Orge. Once defeating it, Justin Servil will be grateful for your help and General Khazard being impressed with your fight will lock you up in a jail cell.

Now, speak to Hengrad and you will learn a little more about his life fighting in the arena. After he is done talking, a guard will come and you will be returned to the arena for another battle. The next monster you will need to defeat is a level 50 Giant Scorpion.

Once the Giant Scorpion has been defeated, you will need to defeat a level 77 Bouncer. A trick to make this battle easier is by using the large skeleton found in the arena as a safe spot if using ranged or magic attacks, this will allow you to safely defeat Bouncer.

Once Bouncer has been defeated, General Khazard will appear and challenge you to a fight. This fight is optional as you are able to escape from the arena once Bouncer is defeated. If you do choose to defeat General Khazard, you will need to defeat him twice without restocking on supplies. After the first battle with General Khazard and defeating him, he will grow in size and regain full life points and attack you again. Defeat him if you wish or escape the arena and return to Lady Servil to complete the quest.



  • 2 Quest Points
  • 1000 coins
  • 12, 175 Attack Experience
  • 2, 175 Thieving Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys