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Knight's Sword, The

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

Free to Play

Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

Level 10 mining.

Items Required:

  • Redberry Pie
  • 2 Iron Bars
  • Pickaxe (tool-belt pickaxe can be used)

Items Recommended:

Food for healing if lower combat.

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

Defender of Varrock

Starting Point:

Speak to the Squire, located in the white knights castle in Falador.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, speak to the Squire who can be found at the white knights castle in Falador. The Squire will inform you that he has lost Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword and doesn't want him to find out. Offer to help the Squire find a replacement, he will suggest speaking to Reldo in Varrock palace about the sword. Having the Falador lodestone active or runes for casting the Falador teleport may be useful as a quick method to reach the Squire during the quest.

Next, lodestone or Varrock teleport to Varrock and head north into the Varrock Palace and speak to Reldo. He will provide you information about the Imcando Dwarves and inform you that they really love Redberry pie. If you do not have it already, bank and grab your Redberry pie for the next step below.

Locating Thurgo:

Using the Port Sarim lodestone teleport, head to Port Sarim then go as far south as you can until you find a dwarf named Thurgo. Offer Thurgo your Redberry pie then speak to him again about the sword and ask him if he is able to help make a replacement sword. Thurgo will inform you that he can help and asks if you are able to obtain a portrait of the original sword.

Obtaining the Portrait:

Head back to Falador and speak to the Squire again, he will inform you that Sir Vyvin keeps a portrait of his father with the sword upstairs in his room and suggests taking it without Sir Vyvin noticing you. Enter the third floor of the castle and find Sir Vyvin, wait until he is out of the room with the cupboard in it then search the cupboard on the wall to obtain a portrait.

Making the Sword:

After obtaining the portrait, return to Thurgo and show him it. He will inform you that you will need 2 Iron bars and some Blurite ore in order to make the new sword. Obtaining the Iron bars is fairly easy, however the Blurite ore is a little more complicated to obtain and lower levels may want to bring food for the next step or a friend to protect you from the aggressive level 57 Ice warriors within the dungeon to the east.

Once you are prepared, go down the ladder east of Thurgo and head north then east passing Muggers, Pirates and Hobgoblins on the way until you reach an Icy area of the dungeon. Continue running east, then slightly south avoiding aggressive level 57 Ice warriors and eat food to heal if you need to. Having a friend for this step may be useful as they can kill ice warriors while you are searching for the ore. After locating some Blurite rocks, mine one of them to obtain some blurite ore and exit the dungeon. If you wish to make an extra sword for yourself, mine an additional Blurite ore while you are here.


Return to Thurgo with your 2 Iron bars (4 if you are making a sword for yourself) and Blurite ore, he will now make you the sword. After making the first sword drop it then speak to Thurgo again quickly before it disappears if you are wanting a sword for yourself, he will make another sword for you. After obtaining the second sword, pick up the first one off the ground and return to the squire to complete the quest.



  • 1 Quest Point
  • 12, 725 Smithing Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys