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Perils of Ice Mountain

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

  • 10 Construction
  • 10 Farming
  • 10 Hunter
  • 11 Thieving

Items Required:

  • 2 Nails (any type)
  • 2 Planks (any type)
  • Compost
  • Full watering can

Items Recommended:


Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked after Completing Quest:


Starting Point:

Lakki the delivery dwarf, located on the path south of Ice Mountain.

Starting out:

To begin the quest speak to Lakki the delivery dwarf, who can be located next to a broken cart on the path south of Ice Mountain. He will inform you that one of his crates went missing and that he would loose his job if he can't find it. Offer to help him find the missing crate.

Follow the path west towards Falador until you come across eight bushes with a search option. Search them until you find the missing crate then head to Drorkar.

Delivering the letter:

Head to the power station located west of the entrance to the Dwarven Mine and speak to Drorkar. He will take the crate from you then a cut-scene will begin to play showing two baby dragons fueling the power station. Drorkar will then ask you to deliver a letter to Brother Bordiss for him, accept the task.

Exit the power station and head northeast towards the Monastery, then speak to Brother Bordiss at the Monastery garden. Deliver the letter to him and he will open it, after reading the letter he will become outraged at Drorkar for making the power station. While you are speaking to Brother Bordiss, Brother Althric will notice that his roses are dying.

Helping Brother Althric:

Next, speak to Brother Althric and offer him your help. Once done talking to him, use your compost on the roses and finally your full watering can to revive the roses. A cut-scene will begin to play with a Gnome landing near you with a parachute and asking where Ice Mountain is. After being given directions the Gnome will leave, Brother Althric suggests you to follow him.

Preventing Extinction:

Exit the Monastery and head west to Ice Mountain, once here speak to Professor Arblenap. After speaking to him, you will learn that Icefiends are starting to become extinct with the sudden temperature change. He will also mention that he wants to catch some Baby Icefiends, in hopes to save them from going extinct. Offer to help catch some Baby Icefiends for Professor Arblenap, he will give you an Icefiend net and ask you to catch 4 of them for him. Return to Professor Arblenap with the Baby Icefiends, he will take them from you and them a cut scene will play of an avalanche happening further up the mountain.

Helping the Oracle:

After the Cutscene has finished, head north on the mountain and speak to the Oracle. She will explain to you that her tent fell to the bottom of the mountain due to the avalanche that happened. Inform her that you will repair the tent for her.

After speaking to the Oracle, head east down the mountain to retrieve the tent then return to the Oracle. Use the tent on the remains nearby you to repair it (consumes 2 planks and 2 nails).

Once done, the Oracle will have a vision of the world becoming extremely hot and predictions of the future ahead. Inform the Oracle that you want to do something about it and that you feel it is the power station causing the predictions.

Saving the Future:

Now, head to Drorkar and speak to him, he will inform you that only Nurmof has the authority to shut down the power station.

Next, enter the Dwarven Mine and speak to Nurmof about shutting the power station down. He will refuse, however will inform you that Brother Bordiss had created plans for an alternative power solution but they were never shown at the meeting.

Return to Brother Bordiss at the monastery and ask him about the plans. He will inform you that he was drinking with Drorkar and lost the key to the chest that holds the plans in it.

Head back to the power station and pickpocket Drorkar until you obtain a Dwarven key from him. Once obtained, enter the Dwarven Mine and go east then open the chest you find here to retrieve the plans. Show Nurmof the plans and a cut-scene will play showing the new power station which will complete the quest.