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Dragon Slayer

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

Free to Play.

Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

Combat Skills high enough to defeat a level 63 Dragon.

Skills Recommended:

level 33 Magic, for use of the Telekinetic spell.

Other Requirements:

33 Quest Points.

Items Required:

  • 3 Planks
  • 90 Steel nails
  • Hammer
  • Lobster pot
  • Silk
  • Wizard's mind bomb
  • Unfired bowl
  • 1 handed weapon and combat gear

Items Recommended:

  • Food (Lobster or higher)
  • 10,000 Coins (unless using the Telekinetic spell)

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

Heroes' Quest

Starting Point:

Speak to the Guildmaster, located southwest of Varrock  in the Champions' guild.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, head to the Champions guild which is located southwest of Varrock. Using the Varrock lodestone method may be useful for a quicker method of teleporting as it is close to the guild. While speaking to the Guildmaster, ask him about joining the guild and go through all the chat options that are given. when you question the Guildmaster about the Rune Platebody, he will explain to you that his friend Oziach is able to help you out with obtaining one.


Exit The Champions guild, then go to Edgeville. A quick method of teleporting may be done with the Edgeville lodestone or an Amulet of Glory. Once in Edgeville, head to the most north-western hut to find Oziach then speak to him. He will inform you that just because you are apart of the Champions guild does not make you qualify to hold the "Hero" title and he wants you to prove yourself worthy of being a hero. Oziach will now send you on a quest to prove yourself to him, which is to defeat a dragon named Elvarg on Crandor Isle. He will also suggest speaking to the Guildmaster for more advice on the quest.

Return to the Guildmaster at the Champions guild and ask all the questions in order that are offered to you as you will need them all in order to complete the quest. During this time, you will learn that you will need to obtain a map which shows the route to Crandor and a shield which will protect you from Elvarg's dragonfire. The map however was split into three pieces by wizards that fled Crandor due to Elvarg, you will learn that you will need to recover all three parts in order to access Crandor to defeat the dragon. The Guildmaster will also give you a Maze key which you learn that you will  be needing it in order to gain access to Melzar's Maze.

If you wish to obtain a second key, drop the first one then speak to the Guildmaster quickly before it disappears. After receiving the second key, pick up the first one that you dropped. You should now have both keys in your inventory.

Obtaining the Anti-fire Shield:

Teleport to Lumbridge either by using the lodestone method or home teleport and head up the Lumbridge Castle stairs then speak to the Duke. Inform him that you intend to slay the dragon of Crandor and the Duke will hand you the shield which you will need later on in the quest.

Obtaining the First Map Piece:

Now, bring your best combat gear and a weapon and prepare to fight numerous monsters found within the Melzar's Maze. Lower levels may wish to bring Lobster or better for food to use for healing while fighting Melzar the Mad (level 39) and Lesser demons (level 56). Don't forget to take your Maze key with you, head to Melzar's Maze which can be found northwest of Rimmington once you are prepared. An easy method to reach the maze is by using the Port Sarim lodestone then running northwest until reaching the maze or by the Falador teleport found by right clicking on a clan vex if you are currently in a clan and running southwest. Once you arrive at the Melzar's Maze door, open it then enter. Should you at any time die in the maze, speak to Oziach about the first map piece again to obtain another key.

Start off by killing rats until one of them drop a Red key. Once you have the key enter the most north-western door then go up the ladder.

You will now be in a room with several ghosts, kill them until one drops an Orange key. After obtaining the key enter the door second from the left and climb up the ladder.

You should be in a room with several skeletons, kill these until you obtain a Yellow key. Enter the door furthest southwest then follow the corridor until you find a ladder at the end of it, go down the ladder. Continue going down the other two ladders you find until you are in a room with zombies in it.

Kill the zombies you find until one of them drops a Blue key, enter the most northern door you find here.

You will now be in a room with Melzar the Mad, attack him to obtain the next key. While you are fighting him he will spawn cabbages around the room and say random things. Keep attacking until he is defeated then take the key that is dropped and enter the next door. The next room you will now enter contains a Lesser demon, kill it to obtain a Green key then go through the door and open the chest here to obtain the first map piece. Exit the maze and bank if you need supplies for obtaining the next map piece.

Obtaining the Second Map Piece:

Speak to the Oracle on Ice Mountain and tell her you seek a map piece. She will give you a riddle which you need to work out, once you have solved it you will discover that you need the following ingredients in order to open a magical door that leads to the chest where the map piece is kept.

  • Lobster pot (can be purchased from the Port Sarim fishing shop for 20 coins).
  • Silk (can be purchased from the Silk trader in Al-Kharid for 3 coins).
  • Wizard's mind bomb (can be purchased in the Falador pub for 3 coins).
  • Unfired bowl (player made by using soft clay on potters wheel).

Once you have got all of the ingredients with you, enter the Dwarven Mine then run to the room in the northeast corner with the magic door. Use each of your ingredients on the door to open it, the order which you use the ingredients do not matter. After you used all the ingredients on the door, it will swing open and your character will enter the room. Open the chest and search it to obtain the second map piece.

Obtaining the Third Map Piece:

For this part there are two methods which can be used to obtain the final map piece.

Method one: If you are level 33 (or level 31, you can boost to 33 by drinking a Wizard's mind bomb) Magic and wish to save 10,000 coins, bring either Magic or Ranged combat gear with you. Simply defeat Wormbrain using either attack style, he will drop the last map piece which you can use the telekinetic grab spell to take it.

Method two: If you feel method one is too much of a hassle to do, or your Magic level is not high enough. Bring 10,000 coins with you and speak to Wormbrain, he will sell you the last map piece.

Once you have all the map pieces, use them on each other to complete the full map showing the route to Crandor.

Searching for the Boat:

Bank and withdraw 2,000 coins, 90 Steel nails, and 3 Planks. Once you have the materials, head to the southern area of the Port Sarim docks and speak to Klarense. Offer to buy the boat from him, he will charge you 2,000 coins for it but it will have a huge hole in it that you will need to fix before it is seaworthy. If you have your planks and nails with you, use the planks on the hole to patch it up. Once this is done your boat is now seaworthy, however you will need to find someone who is willing to take you to Crandor.

Finding a Captain:

Lodestone teleport to Draynor then head south into the village and speak to Ned in his house. Ask him if he is willing to take you to Crandor; he will accept your request and ask you to meet him in Port Sarim at the boat.

Preparing For the Big Fight:

Before meeting Ned it is strongly recommended to bank and bring the necessary supplies, food and combat gear for the battle ahead. Do not forget your Anti-dragon shield and one-handed weapon. Once you are prepared, head back to Port Sarim and inform Ned you are ready. While you are sailing on the boat, you will notice Elvarg flying above you, the dragon will attack your boat with dragon fire causing you to crash on Crandor. Your boat will be completely destroyed, exit the boat and run past the Skeletons and Lesser demons you find here then enter the dungeon hole you find. After entering you will be in the northern part of the dungeon with aggressive Skeletons, run south until you find Elvarg.

The Battle:

Before you enter the lair Elvarg is in, continue running south until you find a secret wall, push it to unlock a secret entrance that will lead you to the Karamja volcano. Unlocking the secret passage way will be a huge advantage in case for some reason you do die during battle, it allows you to return quicker to Elvarg. If you do not unlock the secret passage way, you will be required to repair the boat in order to access Crandor again.

Once you have the passage way unlocked, head north and climb over the wall to access Elvarg's lair. She uses long ranged fire breath, so it is recommended to not remove your Anti-fire shield during battle as it may result in a large amount of damage being taken. Repeating the hit, heal, run, attack tactic, you will eventually defeat the dragon and cut off its head. Teleport and exit the lair then return to edgeville and speak to Oziach to claim your reward.