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In Pyre Need

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

  • 52 Crafting
  • 55 Firemaking
  • 53 Fletching

Items Required:


Items Recommended:


Quests Partly  Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:


Start Point:

Speak to the Priest of Guthix, located southwest of the Piscatoris fishing colony.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, speak to the Priest of Guthix and he will beg for your help. The quickest way to reach the Priest is by fairy ring access AKQ (requires Fairy Tale Part Two quest) and running northeast or by the Eagle's Peak Lodestone teleport if you have it active. After you agree to help the Priest he will explain that the Phoenix which roosts inside the cave next to him has been severely injured and is unable to complete the ritual for its rebirth. You will learn that you will need to rescue the Phoenix by performing its ritual in its place.

Ask the Priest about the ritual to receive an explanation for how to perform it, as well as the needed tools for completing it. You will need the tools each time you enter the cave.

If you leave the cave at any point during the quest, you will need to restart from this point again.

The Cave:

Once you are ready, enter the cave and head to the green area on your minimap to find a Cinnamon tree. Click on the tree to collect some twigs from it. After you have obtained the twigs, look for an exit in the northern part of the room and go through it into the next layer of the cave.

All the exits will be in the northern area of each room, should you attempt to exit the way you came, a warning message will appear stating that you will exit the cave completely and lose any twigs that you have collected so far if you proceed with this.

Once in the next room, head to the green area on your minimap to find a Sassafras tree and collect a few twigs from it. Once done, locate the exit and enter the next room.

In the next room, locate the green area on your minimap to find an Ailanthus tree. Click on the tree to obtain some twigs then find the exit and continue to the next room.

Locate the green area on your minimap to find a Cedar tree in this area of the room, collect a few twigs from it and find the exit and enter the next room.

This room will have a Mastic tree located in the green area on the minimap, collect some twigs from it then find the exit and enter it. You will now be in the Phoenix lair and will notice the wounded Phoenix bird.

Performing the Ritual:

Head north into the Phoenix Lair, you will notice there is a shrine slightly north of the Phoenix. It is optional, however you can read the book that is on the shrine to learn more about the Phoenix and its rebirth.

Next, use your knife on any of the twigs to fletch them into wooden ribbons. Now use the ribbons with the pyre you find near the shrine to weave a basket on it. A short cut-scene will now play, with the Phoenix moving on the basket.

To initiate the ritual, use your Tinderbox with the Pyre and another cut-scene will play. After the cut-scene is finished the Phoenix will be reborn in the centre of the room. Speak to the Phoenix to receive five Phoenix quills which can be used to create Phoenix pouches if you have 72 summoning after the quest is complete.

Finishing Up:

Once done speaking to the Phoenix, head south to the exit and right-click escape on it to be returned to the surface. Speak to Brian twitcher, the Priest of Guthix to let him know of your success and complete the quest.