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Elemental Workshop I

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

  • 20 Crafting
  • 20 Mining
  • 20 Smithing
  • Combat high enough to defeat a level 44 foe

Items Required:

  • 4 Coal
  • Soft leather
  • Thread
  • Knife (toolbelt may be used)
  • Hammer (toolbelt may be used)
  • Pickaxe (toolbelt may be used)
  • Needle (toolbelt may be used)
  • Armor and a Weapon

Items Recommended:

Food, if lower combat

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

Elemental Workshop II

Starting Point:

Search the bookcase in the house located south-west of Seers bank.

Starting Out:

First head to the house located southwest of the Seers bank, those with the Seers lodestone active may find it useful as a quick method to reach the house. After using the lodestone, head east until you reach a house with two bookcases in it. Search the bookcase on the eastern wall to obtain a book called 'The Elemental Shield' and read the Battered book that appears in your inventory. Once you are finished reading the book, use a knife or a slash attack weapon to cut it open to obtain a Battered key. You will be required to have the Battered book with you at all times in order to complete the quest.

Discovering the Workshop:

Next, enter the building to the north of the house which you are located in. There will be an Odd looking wall which you will need to use your Battered key with.

Once you have done this, go down the stairs which you are standing next to and you will now be in the workshop. Search all of the crates in the room which you are currently located in until you obtain A stone bowl. The crate which the bowl is located in is random for every player, so keep searching all of the crates until you have found it.

Fixing the Furnace:

Head south of the central room into the Fire elemental room and use the stone bowl on the lava trough to fill the bowl with lava. Once this is done, use your lava-filled bowl on the furnace nearby.

Repairing the Bellows:

Return to the central room and head east of it into the Air elemental room. Right click on the bellows and choose the "Fix bellows" option to repair it.

The Water Wheel:

After returning to the central room, head north into the Water Elemental room. You will notice two water controls on the north wall within the room. Turn the right water control first, then the left one after until both show green instead of red on them. Once both water controls are showing green, pull the lever near the water wheel to get the water flowing.

The Bellows:

Return to the Air elemental room and pull the lever near the bellows to operate it. This will blow air into the furnace which was filled with lava earlier on during the quest.

Obtaining the Elemental Ore.

Head into the Earth Elemental room located west of the central room. Attempt to mine any of the rocks within the room and a level 44 Earth elemental will appear. Kill it to obtain some Elemental ore then head into the Fire elemental room with the furnace.

Constructing the Elemental Shield:

If you already have 4 Coal with you, use the Elemental ore with the furnace to obtain an Elemental bar. Head to the workbench in the central room and use your elemental ore on it. If you have your Battered book with you, your character will construct an Elemental shield which will complete the quest.