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One Piercing Note

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:

Free to play.

Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:


Items Required:


Items Recommended:

Ring of Dueling (for quick teleporting method near the abbey).

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:


Start Point:

Speak to Sister Catherina, who can be found outside of the Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede. 

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, head to the Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede which can be found east of Al Kharid. Having a Ring of dueling is useful during the quest as it will provide a nearby teleport to the quest location. After arriving outside of the abbey, speak to Sister Catherina to begin the quest. While talking to her, she will inform you that Abbess Benita has been awaiting the arrival of a great adventurer. Once finished speaking to Sister Catherina, enter the abbey and head north of the courtyard. Speak to the Abbess within her office, she will ask for your assistance to help with an investigation. 

The Investigation:

While speaking to the Abbess, she will inform you that Sister Anna has been brutally murdered. You will also learn that the rest of the abbey was informed that Sister Anna has died from natural causes. Abbess Benita will hand you Sister Anna's cell key as well as an investigation journal to help you out with the investigation. She will then ask you to search the abbey for clues and question its members without raising suspicion about the murder.

You will now need to obtain all 20 of the possible clues available while you investigate the abbey before Abbess Benita will accept your findings. While your investigating for clues, your investigation journal will automatically update any new clues or information that you uncover. You are able to speak to Abbess Benita at anytime during the quest to check your progress and the remaining amount of clues left to find.

Questioning Sister Elena:

Exit Abbess Benita's office and head east into the abbey kitchen. Speak to Sister Elena and question her to obtain the following clues for your investigation journal.

  • Sister Elena claims she was in the kitchen at the time of the murder.
  • Sister Elena claims that food has been stolen from the cellar.
  • Sister Elena disliked Sister Anna. She claimed that Sister Anna argued with Abbess Benita.

Questioning Sister Debora:

Next, head east through the door exiting the kitchen and go upstairs. Continue heading east through the dinning hall, then head up the stairs in the next room. Climb up the stairs one more floor to find Sister Debora in the clock tower underneath the lock mechanism. Attempt to speak with her and you will notice that she is unable to hear you. She will ask you to adjust the clock for her. Open the clock interface, then adjust the clock hands until they indicate noontime, as shown below.


The clock bell will ring and you will now be able to speak to Sister Debora. Speak to her to obtain the following clues for your journal:

  • Sister Debora claims she was in the clock tower at the time of the murder.
  • Abbess Benita was planning to retire, and Sister Anna would have succeeded her as abbess.

Questioning Sister Cecilia:

Head back downstairs, then go south entering the main chapel room with the singing choir. Speak to Sister Cecilia, who will be conducting the choir to retrieve the following clues:

  • Sister Cecilia claims she was in the oratory at the time of the murder.
  • I heard the hymn choir's hymn to Saint Elspeth.
  • Sister Cecilia told me about the Ripper demon.

Questioning Sister Catherina:

Now, head further south within the chapel room to find Sister Catherina. Speak to her to gather the following clues for your journal:

  • Sister Catherina claims she was in the scriptorium at the time of the murder.
  • An applicant visited the abbey recently but disappeared.

 Investigating Sister Anna's Cell:

Exit the chapel by using the southern door and enter Sister Anna's cell using the key that Abbess Benita gave you earlier. Search under the bed for clues to obtain a cloth fragment, then investigate the window within the cell to obtain the following clues:

  • Window smashed from the inside.
  • Cloth fragment under bed.

Investigating the Body in the Infirmary:

Exit Sister Anna's cell, then head west down the stairs towards the most south-west room. Enter the room with the covered body and investigate it to retrieve the following clues:

  • Face mutilated.
  • Feet mutilated.
  • Blunt wound on back of head.
  • Stab wounds in chest.

Questioning Valerio the Musician:

Next, exit the abbey and head southwest from it to the troubadours. Speak to Valerio to obtain the following clues for your investigation journal:

  • Valerio claims he was in Al Kharid at the time of the murder.
  • I heard a song that Valerio sang about a dancing girl.
  • Valerio had a history with Sister Anna.

Investigating the Applicant Dormitory:

Return to the abbey, then walk north towards the applicant dormitory. Enter the room, then search the bed that is near the door to retrieve your final clue:

  • Cloth fragment in applicant dormitory.

A Second Murder: 

Return to Abbess Benita, once you have obtained all 20 of the clues. She will ask who you suspect is behind the crime, inform her who you suspect. once you have given an answer to Abbess Benita, you will hear a piercing scream. Next, follow the scream by running through the kitchen, then head upstairs and go through the dining hall. Enter the next room and climb down the stairs which leads into the basement. You will find Sister Cecilia crying over the dead body of Sister Elena, who is the second murder victim. Abbess Benita will appear and decide that the entire abbey needs to be warned about the situation. She will ask you to investigate and search for clues that are connected to Sister Elena's death.

Investigating Sister Elena's Body:

Investigate the dead body, the blood trail, and finally the robe cabinet nearby to gather the following clues:

  • Blunt wound on back of head.
  • Claw marks on arms and hands.
  • Multiple stab wounds in chest.
  • Scratches on feet.
  • Face not mutilated.
  • Body moved from near reliquary to bottom of stairs.
  • Killer may have hidden in the robe cabinet.

Investigating the Kitchen Sacks:

Exit the basement by going up the stairs, head west through the dining hall and down the stairs into the kitchen. Search the sacks you find here to discover a hidden passage from the kitchen which leads outside of the abbey.

  • Secret passage from the kitchen to outside the abbey.

Questioning Sister Cecilia:

Return to the abbey main chapel to find Sister Cecilia sitting alone in the southern area of the room. Speak to her to obtain the following clue:

  • Sister Cecilia claims she saw the Ripper demon in the act of mutilating Sister Elena's feet.

Investigating Sister Elena's Cell:

Return to Abbess Benita and obtain Sister Elena's cell key from her. Use the cell key to enter Sister Elena's cell, then search under the bed to discover some love letters. Read through the letters you have found to retrieve the following clue:

  • Love letters from Valerio under Sister Elena's bed.

Questioning Valerio: 

Exit the abbey and return to the troubadours to speak to Valerio, you will obtain another clue:

  • Valerio confirmed that he had been having an affair with Sister Elena.

Return to Abbess Benita once you have obtained all the information needed and tell her who you suspect. Once again, it does not matter which answer you give to her. Abbess Benita will inform you that the abbey needs to be secured to ensure that everyone is safe and to prevent any further deaths from happening. She will instruct you to go get Sister Catherina, who can be found dancing outside of the abbey with the troubadours.

Another Death:

Leave the abbey and return to the troubadours to discover Sister Catherina dancing with the troubadours. Speak with her and inform her that she needs to return to the abbey, however she will want you to dance with her. Accept Sister Catherina's request, then ask her again to return to the abbey. She will follow you back to the abbey, however as you enter the abbey, the abbey gate will slam shut separating you both and leaving her outside. Suddenly a large clawed figure will appear outside, killing and mutilating Sister Catherina. Valerio will appear and scare the clawed figure away.

Go up the ladder south of you to operate the winch which will open the abbey gate. Head down the ladder and investigate Sister Catherina's body. Valerio will be mourning Sister Catherina's passing and Abbess Benita will arrive and inform you that she wants to call an urgent meeting with you and Valerio. Head into Abbess Benita's office and speak to her, she will ask who you finally suspect. Inform her that you suspect the Ripper demon is back from the dead. You will suggest setting up a trap with a new victim as the bait, and mention that all the victims so far have had connections with Valerio. Valerio will suggest making a decoy victim to use in the trap. Abbess Benita agreeing to the suggestion of the plan, will ask you to place it into effect.

Exit the office and walk south into the courtyard to pick a cabbage, then head into the most northeastern room and go down the stairs into the basement. Move the candelabrum that you find near you, then place a cabbage on it to create a head for the decoy victim. Search the nearby robe cabinet to obtain a set of spare robes, add them to the decoy victim to complete it. Next, hide in the robe cabinet and wait for the clawed figure to appear.

The Investigation Solved: 

A cut-scene will begin to play, showing the funeral has started. Suddenly the clawed figure will appear and attempt to attack the decoy victim but will knock off the cabbage head instead.

Attempt to knock-out the killer, however your attempt will fail. The killer will realize the trick, then run up the stairs. Pursue the clawed figure as it runs through the dining hall into the kitchen, then into the abbey courtyard. The figure will attempt to escape the abbey, however Valerio and the troubadours outside will block its path. Continue to follow the clawed figure as it runs through the chapel and climbs up the stairs which lead to the clock tower. Climb to the very top floor of the clock tower, and you will discover Sister Anna, who will turn out to be the killer, is demanding safety by threatening to take Sister Debora's life if the demand is not met.

Attempt to reason with Sister Anna, however you will learn that your attempts will fail regardless of what you say to her. Go down stairs to the floor which has the clock mechanism, and set the clock to noontime so that it will ring the bell again.

Return to Sister Anna upstairs and ask her if she can hear the bell ring. Once the bell rings, Sister Anna will loose her grip on Sister Debora, which will allow Sister Debora to disarm the claws from her.

After speaking to Sister Debora, she will leave you alone with Sister Anna. Speak to Sister Anna, who will ask you to help her be free of her sins. After speaking to her, you will have the choice of letting her jump off the tower to her death or throwing her.

Return to Abbess and speak to her, you can inform her that the killer was either the Ripper demon or Sister Anna. Regardless of your answer, Abbess Benita will accept your story and applaud you for your help with the investigation which will complete the quest.



  • 2 quest points
  • 250 Prayer XP
  • Citharede robes
  • Troubadour dance emote
  • Ability to make illuminated god books (with 60 Prayer and 60 Crafting)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys


Additional information:

Illuminated Prayer Books:

Once the quest is complete, you will have the ability to create Illuminated prayer books within the Scriptorium. This can be done by using any completed prayer book with the book-making table to start. This can be done by performing each of the following actions in this order: Copy text, Embellish initial capitals, Add colour, Add gold leaf. Each action that you perform will use up 200 prayer points, attempting to perform any of the actions with less than 200 prayer points will give the risk of you failing an action. Should you fail an attempt you will need to restart again. Attempting to perform an action with 0 prayer points will always be a guaranteed fail attempt.

Completing each type of prayer book will grant 10,000 experience in the Crafting skill, and 10,000 experience in the prayer skill for the first time. This will mean a total of 60,000 experience in both skills can be obtained from completing all 6 prayer books for the first time. Any Illuminated prayer book will grant an extra +3 prayer bonus compared to their previous versions.

It is possible to create multiple Illuminated prayer books as they are not unique unlike the original copies. It is possible to use an Illuminated prayer book to create further Illuminated prayer books, meaning that the original copy is no longer required.

The Holy Cithara:

After completion of the quest, you can search the reliquary within the basement of the abbey to find Saint Elspeth's spirit guarding a Holy cithara within the reliquary. This item can only be taken if the following criteria is met:

  • Must have at least 6 Saradomin items worn, this can include having a Saradomin arrow, prayer book or staff equip. The Citharede robes will also work as a Saradomin item.
  • Must be wearing a Ring of visibility (this item is not needed if Fate of the Gods quest has been completed).
  • Must be wearing an Amulet of ghostspeak (cramulet will also work).
  • Must have 100% run energy.

You will not be able to take the cithara while wearing items associated with other gods, or have ancient magicks, or curse prayers active. If you attempt while having items associated with other gods, lightning will appear and deduct all but one of your life points. After obtaining the cithara, you will be rewarded with a one-time reward of 50,000 experience in the prayer skill.

Wearing the full set of Citharede robes will also grant a special effect when worn: listening to a musician at any resting location will restore your prayer points.