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Mountain Daughter

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in RuneScape Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:

  • 20 Agility
  • Combat skills high enough to defeat a level 32 foe.

Items Required:

  • Armor and a Weapon
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Rope
  • Gloves
  • Plank (can obtain during the quest)

Items Recommended:

Food, if low combat.

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:

Glorious Memories

Starting Point:

Speak to Hamal the Chieftain, located within the Mountain camp.

Starting Out:

To begin the quest, you will first need to enter the mountain camp and speak to Hamal the Chieftain. An easy method to reach the Mountain camp is by using the Rellekka lodestone teleport method providing it is unlocked and you would then head south-east. If you do not have the lodestone activated, some other alternative methods are by having your Player owned house located in Rellekka and using the house teleport to provide a quick way to reach Rellekka and the Mountain camp during the quest. The Enchanted lyre may be used as a teleport method and running east to the Mountain camp. If you have the Fairy ring network unlocked, the Fairy ring code A.J.R may be used; or use a ring of slaying and heading northwest towards the Mountain camp. 

Head east of Rellekka until you find a swaying tree, then head northeast of it up the path you find leading into the mountain camp. A Guard will then stop you, saying that you are not welcome here and will prevent you from entering the camp. Now, with a rope in your inventory, head slightly north of the guard and climb the cliffside to enter the camp.

After climbing the cliffside, follow the path you find leading into the mountain camp. Head east, then enter the longhouse to speak with Hamal the Chieftain to start the quest. He will tell you about his tribe, and how they are citizens of Rellikka but due to different beliefs and disagreeing with the Fremennik tradition they have split off to be more closer with nature. Hamal will inform you that his daughter went missing and that his camp is unable to move to a new location until they find her. Offer to help him look for his daughter, after some arguing about "employing" an outsider, he will eventually accept your help. You will now be able to climb over the rockside from this point onwards to enter the camp.

After speaking to Hamal, exit the longhouse and head south to the bubbling mud pond. Choose either the Dig-up Mud or the Dig-up Roots options to obtain some mud.

If you forgot to bring a plank, head north of the longhouse to obtain a plank and a pole as you will need them later on during the quest. 

Head north of the Mountain goats and follow the path which leads to the lakeside of the nearby lake. Continue to follow it west until you find Ragnar, then speak to him to learn some information about the Chieftain's daughter. You will learn that the Chieftain's daughter, Asleif Hamalsdotter, is his fiancée. He will also inform you that she used to sing near the mountains, however disappeared. Ragnar states that he is waiting patiently by the lake in hopes of her returning.

The Spirit:

Once done speaking to Ragnar, head a short distance back until you come across a tall tree. Use your mud that you obtained earlier during the quest with the tall tree to prevent yourself from slipping. (Swamp tar can be another alternative and has the same effect as mud).

Climb up the tall tree, then crawl across its branch until you jump down from it on a small island. Next, use your pole with the clump of rocks nearby to pole-vault across over them to the next island. Use your plank with the flat stone to walk across to the final island. Next, choose the "Listen to shining pool" option on any of the bubbles rising out of the water. This option will only work while you are standing near the rock in the middle of the island.

Suddenly you will hear the voice of Asleif Hamalsdotter's spirit, the voice will inform you that she is dead. She will ask you to help find a new food source for her tribe and make peace between her people and Rellekka. Accept to do these two tasks for her, then return to shore by using your plank with the flat stone. 

The White Pearl:

Return to the longhouse located in the Mountain camp and speak to Hamal about the food supply. After speaking to Hamal, exit the longhouse and head slightly north of it to speak to Jokul, the goat keeper. He will tell you about a hardy plant which can grow anywhere, called the White pearl. Jokul will also mention that he thinks it could be possible for the tribe to survive if a seed from this plant was to be planted within the area.

Head to White Wolf mountain, either by using the Burthrope games necklace teleport, Falador teleport, or by gnome glider. Once here, head towards the gnome glider and pick a piece of fruit from the bush you find. You will be required to be wearing a pair of gloves while attempting to pick the fruit, attempting to pick the fruit without them will make your character receive damage from the bush and receive no fruit from it. Eat the fruit to obtain its' seed, then return to Hamal at the Mountain camp and give him your seed.

Note: If you are wearing any of the following gloves, you will be unable to pick the fruit from the bush and receive a small amount of damage.

  • Batwing gloves
  • Golden mining gloves
  • Hard leather gloves
  • Lunar gloves
  • Pathfinder gloves
  • Pneumatic gloves
  • Rogue gloves
  • Slayer gloves
  • Spider-silk gloves
  • Zombie gloves
  • Any type of vambraces.

Making Peace:

Speak to Hamal the Chieftain about making peace with Rellekka. He will inform you that he sent a representative but has not heard back from them. Offer to search for them.

Head over to Rellekka and speak to Brundt the Chieftain about the representative. He will inform you that he hasn't seen nor heard from any mountain settlers in years.

Exit Rellekka and head east of it, then head north to search for Svidi, the representative. Having the Rellekka lodestone teleport active may be useful for this step since it provides a nearby teleport in the area which Svidi is found roaming in. Once you have found Svidi, speak to him to learn that he is unwilling to enter Rellekka without a promise of a safety guaranteed.

Return to Rellekka and speak with Brundt the Chieftain, he will inform you that he is not able to grant the safety guaranteed until the stone which the mountain settlers took when they left Rellekka is returned.

Return to the Mountain camp and enter the large tent near the southern side of the camp. Mine the Ancient rock you find here to obtain a Half a rock. Exit the tent, however the guard will notice you with the rock. Your character will automatically inform him that the rock is too small to be Ancient rock. The guard will acknowledge your characters response and let you through.

Return to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka and show him the Half a rock, he will give you a safety guarantee note. Take this to Svidi, who will thank you for your help.

The Last Task:

Return to Asleif's spirit at the pool once more, she will inform you that she has one final task for you to do for her. She will ask you to her convince her father that she has passed away and explains to you that she was killed by a creature while sitting at the lake.

Head back to the Mountain camp and speak with Hamal the Chieftain, informing him that his daughter has passed away. He will not believe you and demands to see proof. Return to the lake and follow the path north, continue following the path till you come across some dead trees. Chop down the dead trees using any type of hatchet, then enter the cave.

Follow the cave heading south until you come across a bear-like creature, The Kendal. Speak to it and inform him that you are no one special. Ask him what he meant by a sacrifice, then finally inform him that he looks like a man in a bear suit. The Kendal will now explain its story, then you will reply "i will kill you myself!" afterwards to him and challenge him to a fight. The Kendal is fairly easy and straight forward to kill. After killing him, your character will take his bearhead as a trophy.

Return to Hamal the Chieftain with the Corpse of the woman with you and show him the corpse. He will inform you that it is his daughter and asks you to bury her on the island that her voice was heard on. He will mention that you need to bury her with one of her possessions and describes how to bury her.

Head north of Hamal, then go into the goat pen and collect five muddy rocks. Head back to Ragnar after you have the rocks, then speak with him to obtain Alseif's necklace from him. Return to the middle island and bury her, then use the rocks to complete her burial mound which will complete the quest.