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DevBlog: Clue Scroll Expansion

Written by Rider on . Posted in OSRS News

With the last expansion to clue scrolls having taken place back two years ago, we would like to give treasure trails another look.

Treasure trails are an amazing way to get a break from the daily grind mixed in with the excitement of potentially getting a huge reward. We'd like to make this bigger and better with an expansion to clue scrolls!

Please note: All best-in-slot rewards will be polled separately.

Master clue scrolls

The main focus of this expansion to treasure trails is a new tier of clue scroll - the master tier. Master clue scrolls offer brand new, incredibly rare rewards as well as a variety of new challenges to overcome. Master clue scrolls will even include a brand new type of puzzle to complete!

Before being able to get your hands on a master clue scroll you will first need sacrifice one clue scroll of every other tier. Once you have sacrificed an easy, medium, hard and elite clue, you will be able to claim a master clue scroll from a new NPC, Watson.

Much like obtaining a master clue scroll to begin with, reaching the reward will be no easy feat. We've got numerous new challenges that we will be including along the path of master clue scrolls, accompanied by brand new rewards.

The Old School community contributed some fantastic ideas for rewards and we have taken many of them on board. 3rd age axe, 3rd age pickaxe, the ring of coins and many more rewards await players who take on the challenge of master clue scrolls.

Please note: The 3rd age axe and pickaxe will be equal to the dragon axe and pickaxe.

Master tier pet (polled separately)

In order for true clue scroll enthusiasts to show off just how dedicated they are, master tier clue scrolls will have an incredibly small chance of giving a bloodhound pet as a reward.

Expansions to existing tiers

We would also like to add new clues and rewards to the existing tiers of clue scrolls. This would mean new clue locations and challenges for easy, medium, hard and elite clues. We'll even be expanding clue scroll locations out into the far reaches of Zeah.

New rewards would be available from each tier of clue scroll, ranging from trimmed steel to Oziach's yellow trimmed rune armour. More ornament kits, new scarfs, a peg leg and even a golden wooden shield! There will be lots more rewards to be had, many of them coming straight from the Old School community.

Untradeable clue scroll rewards

One other addition we would like to make to existing clue scrolls is a unique, untradeable reward for each tier of clue scroll. These rewards would be very rare and would serve as a great way to show off just how much of a clue hunting expert you are!

Each tier would have the following untradeable reward:

Easy tier untradeable - Equippable spade.
Medium tier untradeable - Wieldable clue scroll.
Hard tier untradeable - Clue scroll emote unlock scroll.
Elite tier untradeable - Two-handed, wield-able treasure chest.
Master tier untradeable - Bloodhound pet.

Rewards to be polled

In addition to the bloodhound pet, below are the rewards which will be polled separately to the clue scroll expansion itself.

Ranger gloves (Elite clue scroll reward)

Requiring 40 Ranged to equip, ranger gloves provide the following bonuses:

  • +9 Ranged attack
  • -10 Magic attack
  • +1 Stab defence
  • +2 Slash defence
  • +1 Crush defence
  • +2 Magic defence

Holy gloves (Elite clue scroll reward)

Requiring 31 prayer to equip, holy gloves provide +3 prayer bonus.

God blessings

God blessings which provide +1 prayer bonus. They are equipped in the quiver slot.

There will be six variations of god blessings:

  • Saradomin's blessing
  • Guthix's blessing
  • Zamorak's blessing
  • Bandos' blessing
  • Armadyl's blessing
  • Zaros' blessing

It will be possible to receive god blessings from any tier of clue scroll, much like the existing god pages. In addition to providing prayer bonus, blessings will provide protection from one god's followers when inside the Godwars dungeon.

Supplementary updates

In addition to the clue scroll expansion, we would also like to offer a few other clue related updates.

Emote clue hidey-holes

With 75 emote clues all requiring various pieces of equipment to complete, storing all of the necessary items can take quite a toll on your bank space. We'd like to solve this problem with hidey-holes.

Hidey-holes are small storage spaces which can be constructed in set spots near emote clue locations. Creating hidey-holes requires a different construction level for each of the four tiers of emote clue:

  • Easy - 27 Construction
  • Medium - 42 Construction
  • Hard - 55 Construction
  • Elite - 77 Construction

Lucky implings

Lucky implings are an uber rare form of impling requiring level 89 Hunter to catch. These implings are untradeable after being caught.

Looting a lucky impling gives you one roll on a clue scroll drop table. This roll can be on the drop table of any tier of clue, from easy to master, but is much more likely to roll on the lower tiers of clue.

Clue scrolls from mining and woodcutting

Following the popularity of clue bottles, allowing you to receive clue scrolls while Fishing, we would like to offer the same opportunity to miners and woodcutters. Alongside the clue scroll expansion we will be offering to add a chance of receiving clue scrolls while mining and woodcutting.

Making gilded armour free-to-play

With the many pieces of trimmed rune armour available in the free-to-play game, we thought it would be worth offering making gilded armour available in free-to-play as well.

Poll structure

Question: Should an expansion to treasure trails be added to Old School RuneScape? This expansion will include new challenges and rewards for the existing tiers of clue scroll as well as a brand new tier: master clue scrolls.
Question: If the treasure trails expansion passes, should master clue scrolls offer an incredibly rare bloodhound pet as a potential reward?
Question: Should one rare, untradeable reward be added to each tier of clue scroll?
Question: If the treasure trails expansion passes, should ranger gloves be added as a potential reward from elite clue scrolls? These gloves would be a new best-in-slot item for 40 Ranged.
Question: If the treasure trails expansion passes, should holy gloves be added as a potential reward from elite clue scrolls? These gloves would require 31 Prayer to equip would provide +3 prayer bonus.
Question: If the treasure trails expansion passes, should god blessings be added as a potential reward from all tiers of clue scroll? They would provide +1 prayer bonus, Godwars protection for one god and would be equipped in the quiver slot.
Question: Emote clue scrolls require certain equipment to be worn in order to be completed. This equipment can take up a lot of bank space. Should hidey-holes, small storage spaces which can be built near emote clue locations to store the relevant equipment, be added to Old School? Hidey-holes would require varying construction levels to build.
Question: Should uber rare lucky implings be added to Old School RuneScape? They would require level 89 Hunter to catch. Once caught they would be untradeable and would provide one roll on a clue scroll drop table when looted.
Question: Should there be a rare chance of receiving clue scrolls while mining and woodcutting?
Question: Should gilded armour and the gilded scimitar be made usable in free-to-play? This would not include gilded boots.

Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
The Old School Team