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RuneLabs Closing – 28th May

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Hello all,

After 28th May – when Ideas for 2017 ends - we will be making some crucial changes to RuneLabs:

  • No new criteria will be added
  • Supporting ideas will no longer be possible
  • Links to RuneLabs will be removed from the RuneScape website

While technically it will still be possible to add ideas to RuneLabs, for all intents and purposes it will be closed until further notice.

Why is this happening?

Unfortunately, the percentage of players participating has not been great enough to justify a regular commitment to RuneLabs updates. Essentially, it represents only a small proportion of the player-base.

We appreciate that the limitations of the system itself had an impact, but ultimately RuneLabs did not achieve what we hoped it would, and we need to put it on hold indefinitely so we can review its purpose and method of execution.

What next?

Short term, we’re intending to only re-open RuneLabs when we need it, for big Player Power pushes such as the annual survey. This will give your very best suggestions time and space to breathe, and to garner the support they deserve.

Longer term, we’ll be reviewing the Player Power process and investigating the possibility of an alternative.

Thank you!

We wanted to thank those of you who have engaged with RuneLabs - regularly posting fantastic ideas, supporting the ideas of others, and campaigning to get updates off the ground.

We have seen great projects coming from Runelabs, including Rune and Adamant Dragons, The Light Within and Beneath Cursed Tides. These are in-game today as a direct result of your passion and creativity.

Remember - you can still get involved with Player Power. The 2017 Survey - coming on 28th May - will be an opportunity for everyone to influence the major updates of next year.

There’s still time to add and up-vote ideas on RuneLabs for the survey, so head there and choose your favourites!

Mod Osborne
Lead Designer - RuneScape